What is Active Assist

Active Assist refers to the portfolio of tools used in Google Cloud to generate recommendations and insights to help you optimize your Google Cloud projects. This includes recommenders that generate recommendations and insights and analysis tools.

Recommenders and Recommendations

Recommenders generate recommendations that fall into six value categories that can help you optimize your cloud in a variety of ways.

Recommendation Categories

See Recommendations and Recommenders for a detailed explanation of these concepts.

Granting permissions to view and update recommendations and insights

Each recommender and insight type has specific roles and permissions to control access to its recommendations and insights. In order to enable users to review and assess these recommendations and insights, they will include some metadata about resources. Granting these permissions provides users with a partial view of the resource's metadata. This partial view of data is particularly important to consider if you are using custom roles to grant permissions.

For example, the Identity and Access Management recommender provides recommendations about permissions. Members that have the recommender.iamPolicyRecommendations.get and recommender.iamPolicyRecommendations.list permissions can also see information about your IAM policy bindings.

Ensure that you have the necessary roles and permissions to view recommendations.

Manage recommendations and insights

You can find your recommendations and insights in Recommendation Hub.

You can choose to apply or dismiss the recommendations. Some recommendations can be applied automatically, while other recommendations require additional steps to complete. Any additional steps will appear in the details panel.

Finding your recommendations

You can find your recommendations using the Google Cloud console or using the command line interface.

View your recommendations

You can also find recommendations in context on select product pages.

Certain recommendations such as the IAM Recommendation require different levels of permissions to view. For more information, see the guide for the specific Recommendation that you are looking for.

Applying recommendations

Before applying recommendations, ensure that they are reviewed by someone who can properly assess the impacts of changes.

Recommender provides information on direct impacts in areas such as cost, performance, or security. Recommendation reviewers should have a holistic understanding of your infrastructure and processes so that other business-specific impacts are considered.

Get started with recommendations

Recommendations are an easy way to optimize your cloud to help you maintain a secure and cost effective workspace. Use the Recommendation Hub quickstart guide to get started with the Recommendation Hub.

Alternatively, you can follow the In Context quickstart guide to find recommendations directly in your service pages. Recommendations can also be reviewed and applied or dismissed using the gCloud CL or REST API.

Intelligence Centers and Tools

Active Assist offers intelligent tools that helps you proactively monitor and manage your cloud. We offer tools such as the Network Intelligence Center and Policy Simulator to simplify and automate your management experience on Google Cloud. Read the following documentation pages for more information on how our products can help you optimize your cloud experience.