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High performance computing

Google Cloud’s HPC solutions are easy to use, built on the latest technology, and cost-optimized to provide a flexible and powerful HPC foundation.

The Cloud HPC Toolkit enables you to easily launch new HPC environments.

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A flexible and powerful HPC platform that clears the way for innovation

Get results faster

Create HPC clusters in minutes based upon proven best practices with the Cloud HPC Toolkit. Quickly start jobs with predictable performance with preconfigured HPC blueprints.

Enable and sustain innovation

Enable your team with high performance on-demand resources. Build and run your most intensive workloads on the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, and high-throughput, low-latency object and file storage.

Pay only for what you need

Control and manage costs as you scale with budgets and committed use discounts. Get up to 90% cost savings by using Spot VMs for your most flexible workloads.

Key features

Accelerate your HPC workloads with cloud flexibility, capability, and scale

Leverage our HPC tools, services, and partner solutions to harness our advanced HPC VMs featuring the latest powerful infrastructure.

Powerful infrastructure

Compute Engine's virtual machines feature the latest CPUs GPUs, support live-migration, can use high performance object, block, and file storage, and are built with high throughput, low latency VM to VM networking.

HPC VM family tree

HPC tools and services

From easily scaling your workloads with Batch, to flexibly running your containerized HPC workloads with GKE, to deploying full auto-scaling HPC cluster environments with the Google Cloud HPC Toolkit, Google's HPC tools and services make running your toughest workloads simple.

Google Cloud Console's Batch job list interface

Broad partner ecosystem

Google partners with a wide variety of application developers, workload managers, storage providers, and system integrators to ensure your applications run at their best out-of-the-box on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud HPC partner ecosystem map


See tutorials, guides, and resources on Google Cloud's HPC solutions

Easily deploy HPC environments with the Cloud HPC Toolkit

Cloud HPC Toolkit is open source software offered by Google Cloud, which makes it easy for you to deploy high performance computing (HPC) environments.

Best Practice
Best practices for running tightly coupled HPC applications

Learn best practices for tuning Google Cloud resources for optimal Message Passing Interface (MPI) performance.

Run Simcenter STAR-CCM+ workloads

This tutorial shows you how to deploy an HPC cluster and run a Simcenter STAR CCM+ workload. The HPC cluster deployment is done by using Cloud HPC Toolkit.

Deploy a Slurm cluster on Compute Engine

This tutorial shows how to deploy a Slurm cluster on Compute Engine using the Cloud HPC Toolkit. Slurm is a popular workload manager used in many HPC centers.

Parallel file systems for HPC workloads

Review the storage options in Google Cloud for HPC workloads and learn when to use parallel file systems like Lustre and DDN EXAScaler Cloud.

Lustre file system in Google Cloud using DDN EXAScaler

Learn how to design a Lustre file system for HPC workloads. Get an overview of the process to deploy a Lustre file system in Google Cloud by using DDN EXAScaler.

Getting started with Batch

Batch is a fully managed service that lets you schedule, queue, and execute batch processing workloads on Compute Engine virtual machine (VM) instances.