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Google Cloud compute products

Do faster math, run large in-memory databases, and build cloud‐native apps with our cost-effective, scalable virtual machines. Whether you choose predefined or custom VMs, they all run on Google infrastructure.

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Category Product Use cases
Cloud computing
Compute Engine

High-performance and general purpose VMs that integrate easily with other Google Cloud services and scale globally.

  • LOB and enterprise apps

  • Web hosting

  • Databases

  • Most workloads

Migrate to Virtual Machines

The fast, flexible, and safe way to migrate applications from on-premises, multiple data centers, or multiple clouds to Google Cloud.

  • Frictionless migration

  • Provisioning and rightsizing

  • On-premises stateful rollback

Add-ons and features
Tau VMs

Compute Engine virtual machines optimized for scale-out workloads.

  • Web servers

  • Containerized microservices

  • Media transcoding

  • Large scale Java applications

Cloud GPUs

High-performance, flexibly priced, customizable GPUs for machine learning, scientific computing, and 3D visualization.

  • Machine learning

  • Medical analysis

  • Graphic visualization

  • Video transcoding

Spot VMs

Affordable, short-lived compute instances suitable for batch jobs and fault-tolerant workloads.

  • Hadoop and big data

  • Financial modeling

  • Rendering

  • Media transcoding

Shielded VMs

Hardened virtual machines to help protect against remote attacks, privilege escalation, and malicious insiders and ensure your workloads are trusted and verifiable.

  • Defense against rootkits and bootkits

  • Enterprise workload protection

  • Enable UEFI Secure Boot capability

Sole-tenant nodes

Dedicated hardware—physical Compute Engine servers dedicated to your workloads—for your compliance, licensing, and management needs.

  • Bring your own license (BYOL)

  • Dedicated compute for workloads

Confidential Computing

Confidential VMs are a breakthrough technology that allow customers to encrypt their most sensitive data in the cloud while it’s being processed.

  • Collaborate while preserving data confidentiality

  • Encrypt data in use without making any code changes


Empower your team to automatically detect issues like overly permissive access, wrongly sized VM instances, or idle resources with easily actionable recommendations.

  • Machine type recommendations

  • Cost-optimization recommendations

Google Kubernetes Engine

A reliable, efficient, and secure way to deploy containerized applications on Kubernetes.

  • Securely speed up app development

  • Streamline operations with release channels

  • Manage infrastructure with Google SREs

Cloud Run

Develop and deploy highly scalable containerized applications on fully managed Cloud Run or on Cloud Run for Anthos.

  • Web services

  • Data processing

  • Automation

App Engine

Build highly scalable applications on a fully managed serverless platform using open and familiar languages and tools.

  • Modern web applications

  • Scalable mobile back ends

  • Automatic scaling


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