Compute Engine


All Google Compute Engine resources belong to a project. Projects form the basis for enabling and using the Google Cloud Platform services, including managing APIs, enabling billing, adding and removing collaborators and enabling other Google services.



A Project resource is the root collection and settings resource for all Google Compute Engine resources.

The Project resource is created using the Google Developers Console when you activate Google Compute Engine for a project. Some Compute Engine administration tasks can only be done from the Developers Console such as adding team members, listing projects, and setting access control to the service.

You must have read, write, or owner permissions on a project to be able to use gcloud compute. You do not need to be a project member to be able to ssh into an instance and manage it; however, if you do not have write permissions on a project you must use ssh directly, not using gcloud compute ssh.

Useful gcloud compute commands:

The last command sets a default project.

Creating a project

You can create and manage projects in the Google Developers Console. For instructions, see the Developers Console documentation.

Getting project information

You can get information about a project, such as quota, name, ID, and so on, by running the command gcloud compute project-info describe, which returns information similar to the following:

$ gcloud [--project PROJECT] compute project-info describe
  fingerprint: 6GCr7A6I_3Y=
  - key: custom-metadata
    value: '1234'
  - key: sshKeys
    value: 'user:ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA...'
  kind: compute#metadata
creationTimestamp: '2013-09-06T10:36:53.505-07:00'
description: ''
id: '574734885120952459'
kind: compute#project
name: my-project
- limit: 1000.0
  metric: SNAPSHOTS
  usage: 0.0
- limit: 5.0
  metric: NETWORKS
  usage: 1.0
- limit: 100.0
  metric: FIREWALLS
  usage: 7.0
selfLink: https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/my-project

Command flags:

--project PROJECT
This flag is required if you do not have a default project defined. To check if a default project is defined, run gcloud config list. If a default project is defined, you can use this flag to specify a different project.

For more information, run gcloud compute project-info --help or see the reference documentation for the project-info command.