Product overview

Workload Manager is a rule-based validation service for evaluating your workloads running on Google Cloud. Workload Manager scans your application workloads to detect deviations from standards, rules, and best practices to improve system quality, reliability, and performance.

Workload Manager checks the state of your resources against up-to-date best practices for infrastructure, operating systems, and critical high-availability configurations. For identified issues, Workload Manager provides guidance to help you understand and resolve issues.

You can use Workload Manager to perform a one-time check or for ongoing validation of workloads that might drift after system upgrades or other operational activities.

Summary of benefits

  • Improve system quality: Workload Manager provides initial and ongoing validation of infrastructure configuration, high-availability setup, and operating system configurations to help you improve workload reliability and prevent issues before they impact your business-critical applications.

  • Lower operational overhead: Workload Manager provides at-scale validation to provide confidence in your deployments and automate operational processes for detecting configuration drift.

  • Save time during troubleshooting: Workload Manager automates configuration checks to help you identify causes of issues affecting workload performance or reliability.

Supported workloads

Workload Manager supports evaluating the following workloads:

  • SAP
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Preview)

What's next