Workload Manager provides configuration checks on the infrastructure, OS, and application configuration level.

How Pricing works for Workload Manager

Workload Manager charges $0.01 per executed rule evaluation. An executed rule evaluation occurs when a Workload Manager rule is evaluated against a resource configuration within the selected scope of the evaluation.

Example - 100 VMs running Workload Manager daily

Suppose you have a workload with 100 VMs and choose 25 rules to evaluate. The charge per rule evaluation is $0.01 per rule per resource evaluated, so you pay a one-time charge of $0.01 * 25 rules * 100 VMs, or $25 for the executed evaluation.

If you have not made any changes to the number of rules or the number of resources within the evaluation scope and run the evaluation daily, each daily scan will charge the same $25.

Assuming a month with 30 days, the monthly cost is $25*30 = $750 per month for the entire workload of 100 VMs.

Additional Pricing Considerations

Workload Manager only charges for successfully executed evaluations. In the event a rule evaluation does not complete or encounters an error, you are not charged for the unsuccessfully executed rule evaluation.

Furthermore, Workload Manager detects resources that are in scope of each rule and does not execute or charge for rule evaluations against non-applicable resources. As an example, a rule for SAP HANA would not be executed against an SAP NetWeaver VM, and therefore, you would only be charged when a rule is applicable to a resource within the scope selected.

Data Costs from Agent for SAP

The Validation Metric Functionality within the Agent for SAP must be enabled to collect the required information used in evaluations. There is a data ingestion cost when sending the data from the agent to Monitoring.

Enabling the Validation functionality within the agent on 100 VM's results in a monthly data transfer cost of approximately $8. This estimate does omit the free data ingestion provided per billing account. This is based on a collection frequency of 5 minutes which is configurable within the agent.

The Documentation for the Agent for SAP provides a detailed calculation.