Delete a deployment

This document describes how to delete a deployment created using Workload Manager: Guided Deployment Automation.

Delete a deployment

When deleting a deployment, Workload Manager: Guided Deployment Automation attempts to delete only the resources that were created as part of the deployment. Shared resources or resources that existed before the deployment, such as Secrets and VPCs, will not be deleted.

To delete a deployment:

  1. Navigate to the Deployment dashboard and select the deployment to open the detail page.
  2. In the Deployment Output tab, review all the resources that were deployed as part of the deployment. Deleting a resource is a permanent action and the resource or data residing on it may not be recoverable. If you have not done so already, consider taking a backup of the system.
  3. If you want to continue with deletion, click Delete at the top of the deployment detail page and then confirm the deletion.

Additional items that were used to deploy the system might remain after the system is deleted. You can delete the following resources in the Cloud Storage bucket manually:

  • The Cloud Build history and logs
  • The Terraform and state file used by the original deployment
  • The SAP installation media used in the deployment