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Improve patient value and adherence

Life sciences organizations seek to improve patient outcomes with their therapies. We and our partners offer solutions that can help you integrate data from multiple sources to produce better drug adherence and greater patient value.

Digital health platform

Improve patient adherence and engagement by drawing integrated data from drugs, devices, and software and providing actionable insights.

Brightinsight solutions
BrightInsight solutions help optimize regulated drugs, devices, and software via integrated data and actionable insights.

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Story highlights

  • Accelerated time to market by six months to two years

  • Reduced complexity of APIs offered through BrightInsight

  • IoT platform supports compliance for security and privacy

Modernize patient-facing applications

Utilize patient-facing applications for clinical trials and research studies with managed services and APIs to store data securely and cost-effectively.

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  • 18K+ women have joined the WISDOM Study

  • Secure, efficient way to store and share mammogram data

  • Improved study recruitment and retention

Modernize legacy applications

Google Cloud empowers healthcare and life sciences organizations to quickly build and deliver modern applications and other connected experiences to your customers, partners, and employees.

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