Datastream’s PostgreSQL source and BigQuery destination are generally available. Read the blog.
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Serverless and easy-to-use change data capture and replication service.

  • Access to streaming, low-latency data from MySQL, PostgreSQL, AlloyDB, and Oracle databases

  • Near real-time analytics in BigQuery with Datastream for BigQuery

  • Easy-to-use setup with built-in secure connectivity for faster time to value

  • Serverless platform that automatically scales, with no resources to provision or manage

  • Secure foundation for database synchronization and event-driven architectures


Replicate and synchronize data with minimal latency

Synchronize data across heterogeneous databases, storage systems, and applications reliably, with low latency, while minimizing impact on source performance.

Scale up or down with a serverless architecture

Get up and running fast with a serverless and easy-to-use service that seamlessly scales up or down, and has no infrastructure to manage.

Unmatched flexibility with Google Cloud services

Connect and integrate data across your organization with the best of Google Cloud services like BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, Dataflow, and Data Fusion.

Key features

Datastream's differentiated approach

Streaming data from relational databases

Datastream reads and delivers every change—insert, update, and delete—from your MySQL, PostgreSQL, AlloyDB and Oracle databases to load data into BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, and Cloud Spanner. Agentless and Google-native, it reliably streams every event as it happens. Datastream processes over half a trillion events per month.

Normalized data types across sources

Datastream normalizes every event’s data type from the source database’s type into a unified Datastream type. This lossless data type normalization across sources means easier downstream processing in a source-agnostic way, regardless of where the data originated.

Schema drift resolution

As source schemas change, Datastream allows for fast and seamless schema drift resolution. Datastream rotates files, creating a new file in the destination bucket, on every schema change. Original source data types are just an API-call away with an up-to-date, versioned Schema Registry.

Secure by design

Datastream supports multiple secure, private connectivity methods to protect data in transit. In addition, data is encrypted in transit and at rest so you can rest easy knowing your data is protected as it streams.


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