Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring

Comprehensive Kubernetes observability at scale, right out of the box

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Comprehensive observability at scale

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring aggregates logs, events and metrics from your Kubernetes environment to help you understand your application’s behavior in production. This rich, unified set of signals helps developers build higher quality applications faster and helps operators speed root cause analysis and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Works with open source

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring integrates seamlessly with the leading Kubernetes open source monitoring approach - Prometheus. Your Prometheus instrumentation works within Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring without change.

The right view for your role

Whether you’re a developer, operator or security analyst, to effectively manage Kubernetes workloads, you’ll need to observe system information from various sources, in flexible ways. Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring provides a unified view into signals from infrastructure, applications and services across multiple Kubernetes clusters, so you can inspect a single container, or scale up to explore massive, multi-cluster deployments.

Easy to get started on any cloud or on-prem

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring is pre-integrated with Google Kubernetes Engine, so you can immediately use it on your Kubernetes Engine workloads. It’s easily integrated with Kubernetes deployments on other clouds or on-prem infrastructure, so you can access a unified collection of logs, events, and metrics for your application, regardless of where your containers are deployed.


Full observability
Examine events, logs, metrics for Kubernetes entities (e.g., containers, pods, workloads, nodes, clusters).
Scaled view
From micro (inside an individual container) to macro (across a group of clusters).
Right for your role
An indispensable tool for developers, operators, and security analysts.
Works with any code, any container, any cloud.
Easy to implement
Works out of the box with GCP, easily integrated with other clouds.
Compatible with Prometheus
Take your current Prometheus instrumentation forward.


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