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Apigee is named a leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant® for Full Life Cycle API Management. Get the report.
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Apigee API Management

Design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs anywhere with visibility and control.

  • Build and scale API programs with full API life cycle capabilities

  • Drive consumption of APIs with flexible developer portal options

  • Gain actionable insights across the entire API value chain

  • Monetize API products and maximize the business value of your digital assets


Multilayer security and privacy

Add multiple layers to API security such as Cloud Armor, CMEK, IAM and other cloud security capabilities. Leverage the flexibility to store data in the region of choice for data sovereignty.

AI-powered automation

Turn your API data into actionable insights. Predict API traffic patterns, detect anomalies in real time, and protect APIs against malicious bot attacks.

Global reach, high performance, and reliability

Expand the global reach of your API programs by hosting across our worldwide cloud network. Optimize for last-mile performance and caching with Cloud CDN.

Key features

Key features

Deployment flexibility with Apigee hybrid

With Apigee hybrid, you have the power to choose where to host your APIs—on-premises, Google Cloud, or hybrid.

You manage and control the runtime, enabling you to position the gateways closer to your API traffic and leverage your existing compliance, governance, and security infrastructure, while harnessing cloud capabilities such as analytics, monitoring, and developer portal.

API-first integration with Apigee Integration

Connect existing data and applications, and surface them as easily accessible APIs that can power new experiences. With Apigee Integration, Google Cloud brings together the best of API management and integration, all in a unified platform leveraging cloud-native architecture principles that allows enterprise IT teams to scale their operations, accelerate developer velocity, and increase the speed to market.

AI-powered API monitoring

Ensure APIs are always available and performing as expected to deliver seamless experiences for developers, customers, and partners. Identify and diagnose your API issues in just a few clicks. Apply AI to your historical API metadata to predict the behavior of your APIs and automatically detect anomalies in real time. Ensure APIs adherence to security and compliance requirements. Learn more about API Ops.

Monetize your digital assets with APIs

Package your digital assets as APIs and monetize to unlock new revenue streams for your business. Apigee supports the creation and configuration of a broad range of API packages, revenue models, reports, payment gateways, and developer portal integrations. These capabilities help API providers launch fast and gain value from their APIs sooner. Learn more about API monetization.

Manage microservices as APIs

Just as organizations need services management for microservices, they need API management for their APIs. Apigee API management platform complements Istio and Envoy by extending API management natively into the microservices stack.

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Apigee documentation

Best Practice
Build API proxies

The first step in using Apigee is building API proxies that are the foundation for building out your API program to share with internal and external developers.

Best Practice
Publish APIs and control access

After you build API proxies, you're ready to set up access controls, register developers and apps, generate API keys, and publish your APIs on developer portals.

Best Practice
Analyze and troubleshoot

With traffic flowing through your API proxies, it's important to analyze the traffic with charts and reports for fine-tuning and troubleshooting your APIs.

Best Practice
Monetize APIs

As an API provider, Apigee's monetization features let you set up a variety of plans to charge for the use of your APIs (or pay royalties to developers).

Use cases

Apigee use cases

Use case
Unlock legacy applications using APIs

Extend the life of legacy applications, build modern services, and quickly deliver new experiences with Google’s API management platform as an abstraction layer on top of existing services. Learn more.

Diagram shows API management in a central position, facilitating flow to and from internet-enabled devices, microservices, and monolithic applications.
Use case
New business channels using APIs

Unlock new digital channels and business models by making valuable data and services available as APIs to your partners and developers. An API program fuels your ecosystem and generates new revenue sources. Learn more.

Use case: New business channels using APIs
Use case
API management for healthcare

Apigee healthcare APIx solution delivers FHIR (fast healthcare interoperability resources) API-based app and data interoperability to healthcare teams. Learn more.

Use case: API management for healthcare
Use case
API management for open banking

The Apigee open banking APIx solutions simplify and accelerate secure delivery of open-banking compliant APIs. It will help accelerate regulated entities towards offering compliant APIs, so that they can quickly move beyond compliance and pursue the wider opportunities in the API economy. Learn more.

Use case: API management for open banking

All features

Apigee features

Design APIs Easily create API proxies and visually configure or code API policies as steps in the API flow. Customize API behavior using code. Plus, transform from or to any protocol. Learn more.
Secure APIs Enforce consistent security best practices and governance policies across all APIs. Protect your data at rest against OWASP threats with 0Auth 2.0, SAML, two-way TLS, and encryption. Learn more.
Publish APIs Provide reference documentation, manage the audience for an API from your portal, develop portal content and reusable access controls with our three-step publishing solution. Learn more.
Analyze APIs Drill down into API traffic data, investigate traffic spikes, and trace live API calls with real-time insights from your data. Track active developers and apps and the associated revenue metrics. Learn more.
Monitor APIs Ensure API availability to maintain seamless experiences for application developers, customers, and partners. Reduce the mean time to diagnosis (MTTD) by quickly investigating issues. Learn more.
Monetize APIs Move beyond current business models, scale API programs, and create new opportunities with out-of-the-box monetization. Learn more.
Developer portal Publish APIs to a customizable portal, so that developers can easily explore, test, get API keys, and innovate fast. Accelerate API adoption with offerings, rate limits, and pricing. Learn more.


Apigee Pricing

Apigee offers simple yet flexible pricing options no matter your API management needs—whether you are starting small or operating a large scale API program.

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Experience industry leading API management capabilities in your own sandbox at no cost for 60 days.

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Start small but powerful by unlocking Apigee with no upfront commitment and pay only for your usage.

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Build and scale enterprise-wide API programs with predictable costs using Apigee’s flexible subscription tiers.

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Apigee partners

Apigee is partnered with 300+ global and regional, SI, and ISV partners to help you build and scale API programs. Learn more.