Apigee Sense

Intelligent behavior detection to protect APIs from attacks

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Protecting APIs from Attacks

Apigee Sense works in conjunction with the Apigee Edge API Management Platform to give API teams a powerful weapon to protect APIs from attacks. Sense provides a layer of API security by identifying and alerting administrators to suspicious API behaviors. Administrators determine the response and apply corrective actions to maintain user experience and protect back-end systems. Apigee Sense takes the critical next step of automating remediation for future attacks.

Protecting APIs

Intelligent API Security

Sense algorithms that identify anomalies are built by analyzing call patterns from API metadata already captured by the Apigee API Platform. These algorithms are based on the analysis of billions of API calls from over 350 enterprise customers across a range of industries.

Intelligent API Security

Behavior Detection

The analysis engine in Sense examines data and characterizes every request from each client, flagging those whose request patterns look suspicious. Sense analyzes threat patterns in the API layer and monitors behavior in the background.

Behavior Detection

API Protection

Apigee Sense sends alerts when a suspicious client is identified so administrators can determine policy implementation. Sense responds to the threat based on rules specified by administrators. Apigee Sense is fully automated, running as a closed-loop system in the background.

API Protection

Apigee Sense Features

Advanced Risk Analytics
Visual dashboards that provides bot analytics, trends and actionable intelligence.
Automated Risk Mitigation
Configurable counter-measures like blocking, throttling, and ensnaring of bots.
Complete API Security Solution
Complete, one-stop API security infrastructure to protect API traffic.
Data-Driven Risk Models
Monitor billions of API calls, identify anomalies and uncover bad bot patterns.
API Protection

We focus on the fan, making our APIs available to developers and partners to build unforgettable experiences for them. The key to making our APIs available is following best practices for API security such as authentication, authorization, rate limiting and using Apigee Sense for threat protection.

Ismail Elshareef, SVP, Fan Experience and Open Platform at Ticketmaster


Apigee Sense is available for Apigee customers. For more information, contact sales.