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Cloud locations

Google Cloud has added new regions: Milan, Paris, Madrid, Columbus and Dallas. Our private, software-defined network provides fast and reliable connections to users around the world.

network edge locations
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countries and territories

COMING SOON! Google Cloud will continue expanding into the following regions: Doha (Qatar), Turin (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Dammam (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand.

Meet our network

Regions map

Current region with 3 zones

Future region with 3 zones

*Exception: region has 4 zones.

Products available by location

Deploy resources in specific zones, regions and multi-regions.

Products Oregon(us-west1) Leaf icon Low carbon Los Angeles(us-west2) Salt Lake City(us-west3) Las Vegas(us-west4) Iowa(us-central1) Leaf icon Low carbon South Carolina(us-east1) N. Virginia(us-east4) Columbus(us-east5) Dallas(us-south1) Montréal(northamerica-northeast1) Leaf icon Low carbon Toronto(northamerica-northeast2) Santiago(southamerica-west1) São Paulo(southamerica-east1) Leaf icon Low carbon
Compute Engine5
App Engine
Google Kubernetes Engine5
Cloud Functions
Cloud Run5
Google Cloud VMware Engine
Bare Metal Solution
Storage & Databases                          
Cloud Storage2,5
Cloud Storage for Firebase
Cloud Bigtable5
Cloud Spanner2,5
Cloud SQL5
Cloud Firestore4,5
Cloud Memorystore
Cloud Filestore
Persistent Disk5
Big Data & Machine Learning                          
Cloud Composer
Cloud Dataflow5
Cloud Dataproc5
Cloud Dataplex
Cloud Datastream
Cloud Data Catalog
Cloud Data Fusion
Cloud Life Sciences
Cloud Pub/Sub1
Virtual Private Cloud1
Cloud Load Balancing1
Cloud Interconnect
Cloud NAT
Developer Tools                          
Artifact Registry
Cloud Build
Container Registry2
Google Cloud Deploy
Identity & Security                          
Cloud Key Management Service1,2
Cloud Data Loss Prevention
Cloud EKM
Cloud HSM
Secret Manager
Healthcare & Life Sciences                          
Cloud Healthcare API
API Management                          
Application Integration                          
API Gateway
Cloud Scheduler
Cloud Tasks
Media and Gaming                          
Game Servers
Live Stream API
Transcoder API
Video Stitcher API
Cloud Logging
Financial Services                          
Payment Gateway

At a minimum, all regions will offer the following products at launch: Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage, Persistent Disk, CloudSQL, Virtual Private Cloud, Key Management System, Cloud Identity and Secret Manager.

Additional products will be available within 6 months of a new region launch, including: Cloud Run, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud MemCache, Apigee, Cloud Redis, Cloud Spanner, Extreme PD, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Interconnect, BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Pub/Sub.

Available products in the region will continue to evolve based on customer demand.

  1. Service is offered with a global location option in addition to region locations denoted.
  2. Service is offered with multi-region location options in addition to region locations denoted. Check multi-region tab for details.
  3. Service is offered with varying functionality by region.
  4. Service is the next generation of Datastore. Available in either Datastore mode or Native mode.
  5. Service provides a data location commitment in the Service Specific Terms for available regions/multi-regions.

Global products

The following products are available with no dependence on location.

Pick your region

The Google Cloud Region Picker tool helps you pick a Google Cloud region considering carbon footprint, price, and latency. Select your preferences.

We help keep your data safe and secure

Google Cloud meets rigorous privacy and compliance standards that test for data safety, privacy, and security. We've earned the trust of many third-party auditors.

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* Exact list of certifications and standards may vary for specific data center, please contact sales to request additional information.


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