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Payment Gateway

Process API-based payments with reliability at Google scale.

  • Scale up to process API-based payments rapidly & reliably

  • Maintain high availability & support for controlled roll outs

  • Easily view, search, export, and reconcile transactions

  • Manage costs by leveraging per transaction pricing


Process payments at Google scale

Leverage a cloud-native product with  infrastructure that scales up easily to meet demand and protect against unpredictable surges.

Reduce operations and increase up-time

With monitoring, debugging, and tracing features built in, you can process API-based payments with reduced operational burden & increased resilience. 

Easily extend your payments functionality

Extend the Payment Gateway platform via APIs for third party integrations for features like payment anomaly detection, customer insights, and more.

Key features

Key features

Issuer Switch

Executes payment or account information related transactions on bank accounts of users, leveraging a per-transaction billing model.

High availability runtime

Process payments in multiple Google Cloud regions leveraging data centers in Mumbai and Delhi - plus access support for controlled roll outs to maximize uptime. 

Managed Analytics

Get visibility into transactional data with built-in monitoring, debugging, and tracing, or export transaction data to a Google Cloud project via the export API. 

Customer managed encryption keys

Encrypt data with your own self-managed encryption key, which is stored in Google Cloud Key Management Service.

Online Dispute resolution

Access APIs & protocols to easily resolve payment disputes or raise complaints.



Pricing for Payment Gateway is simple and predictable. You are only charged for the volume of transactions processed by Payment Gateway. Available in single region and multi region variations.

Payment Gateway is currently only available in India.