Regional and multi-regional support

You must specify either a regional or multi-regional location for data storage and document processing.

Document AI Warehouse supports the following multi-region locations:

  • us (United States)
  • eu (Europe)


Document AI Warehouse offers you some control over where the resources for your project are stored and processed. In particular, when you provision and initialize the resources, you must choose a location to store and process your data.

By default Document AI Warehouse stores and processes resources in a US location. If you choose the European Union location, Google will store your data and process it only in the European Union. You and your users can access the data from any location.

Setting the location using the API

You must specify your processor's location whenever you send a processing request via the API.

For example, if your processor is configured to store and process your data in the European Union, then use the URI

Method / endpoint format
Create document
Search document