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Google Cloud for capital markets

Perform quantitative research, risk simulation, and regulatory reporting or transform your entire business using modern cloud-based architectures, high performance computing, and AI/ML.
  • Goldman Sachs
  • BlackRock
  • BNY Mellon
  • Bloomberg
  • Deutsche Bank
  • CME Group
  • Refinitiv
  • Deutsche Börse
  • Dark Forest


Solutions for capital markets

Market data in the cloud

Exchange and monetize historical and real-time market datasets, securely, easily, and at scale.

Scan through the findings of the latest study from Coalition Greenwich and Google Cloud.

Read our paper to learn how cloud allows you to get closer to your market data.

Scalable insights

Google Cloud’s scale and speed let you do quantitative research on efficient, scalable compute resources and turn your ideas into profitable strategies.

Learn about four keys to discovering valuable insights at scale.

Read our paper that lists six tools that help engineers, quants, and data scientists get to what matters easily.

Risk and regulatory requirements

Get all the computing resources you need to calculate and simulate risk at scale, in real time or on demand, without building your own server farm.

Explore our recommendations on preparing your company for cloud security and evolving your security model.

Read our paper on the importance of operational resilience to financial services and the role that a well-executed migration to cloud can play in strengthening it.

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See how you can transform your business with Google Cloud.
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Goldman Sachs customer spotlight: Delivering scale, agility, and trust.
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Protect your data with multilayered security

Google Cloud helps protect your sensitive data, including customer PII, records, transaction data, and payment card information, by offering identity management, network security, and threat detection and response. To earn your trust, we certify our products against the most rigorous global security and privacy standards, including ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, and ISO/IEC 27018; financial control standards, including AICPA SOC and Japan FISC; and industry-specific standards like PCI DSS.

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