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With Datashare, data publishers, aggregators, and consumers can come together to exchange licensed datasets on Google Cloud securely, quickly, and easily.


Datashare provides three ways to distribute and consume your data

Batch data delivery

Datashare provides a batch data delivery mechanism for reference, historical tick, and alternative market data sources via BigQuery cloud-based delivery.

Real-time data streaming

Real-time streaming data delivery for rapidly changing instrument prices, quotes, orders, news, and others via Pub/Sub.

Monetize your data

Data publishers can onboard their licensed datasets to Google Cloud by making them available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Key features

Exchange and monetize historical and real-time market data securely and easily

Exactly-once processing

Dataflow supports reliable, expressive, exactly-once processing of Pub/Sub streams.

Instant data lake

Ingest and transform input files with simple JSON configurations and SQL, all accessed through BigQuery.

Intuitive tooling

You don’t need to be a data engineer to manage a pipeline.

Granular runtime access control

Datashare helps data publishers create BigQuery-authorized views for their datasets and apply access control for their customers.

Reference architecture

Please see the diagram below that outlines how you can share your batch and real-time data directly to your Google Cloud customers with BigQuery and Pub/Sub.

Reference architecture

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We’re expanding our integrations with these partners and continuing to invest in tools for publishers that provide low barriers to entry, good economics, and a wide reach.


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Get started with deploying Datashare

Deploy Datashare to your Google Cloud project today (account needed).

Tutorial video

Follow this tutorial to learn how Datashare can help publishers share their datasets with their customers and partners.

APIs & Libraries
GitHub repository

Access the Datashare Toolkit source code on GitHub.

Solution value sheet

See how Datashare can help you exchange and monetize historical and real-time market datasets, securely, easily, and at scale.