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Use machine learning to unlock insights from your documents.

Unlock the knowledge

Unlock the knowledge and insights hiding in your documents

Document AI uses machine learning on a scalable cloud-based platform to help your organization efficiently analyze documents. By automatically classifying, extracting, and enriching this information, Document AI can unlock insights and improve decision-making.

Increase processing speed

Increase processing speed with fewer resources

By capturing, classifying, enriching, and visualizing documents in both physical and digital formats, Document AI accelerates your company’s digital transformation. Converting unstructured documents into structured data automatically makes this information available to your business applications and users while saving you time, money, and labor in the process.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy, governance, and compliance

Lots of companies with large amounts of legacy documents go digital by having people manually enter the data, which often is a recipe for errors and redundancies. By automating and validating document workflows and archiving documents from multiple content sources into one cloud-based system, Document AI reduces these risks and ensures compliance.

Turn insights into better decisions

Turn insights into better decisions

Document AI enables you to take advantage of the facts, insights, relationships, knowledge graph representations, and predictions in your unstructured documents. These newfound insights will empower your company to make more educated, critical business decisions and improve your bottom line by unlocking the power and value hidden in your documents.

Key steps for Document AI

1. See what’s there2. Understand it3. Make it useful

Document AI use cases

Document and content management

Document and content management

This solution enables companies to digitize, classify, and extract knowledge — such as form fields, text passages, tables, and graphs — from thousands of documents. It helps to organize and store knowledge graphs and other extracted data for easy search, query, consumption, and actionable insights.

Digital transaction management

Digital transaction management

In domains like contracts and real estate agreements, Document AI extracts insights from thousands of stored documents in order to perform semantic question answering, clustering, and classification.

System integration

System integration

This solution scales document management across multiple industries — such as finance, legal, and healthcare — for custom entity extractions and representation in a knowledge graph.

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation

You can use Document AI for robotic process automation (RPA), an emerging technology that automates tasks and processes otherwise performed by humans, to extract information from digital documents for increased efficiency and performance.

Procure-to-pay automation

Procure-to-pay automation

Document AI can help streamline the procurement process through automated invoicing and expense management.

Document AI partners

Thanks to our strong partner relationships, Document AI easily integrates into existing partner technology.

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