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Google Cloud for consumer packaged goods

Unlock consumer growth, capture new routes to market, and drive connected operations with Google Cloud’s industry-leading infrastructure, analytics, and AI/ML-powered solutions for the CPG industry.
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Solutions for CPG digital transformation

Unlock consumer growth with data-powered insights

Data warehouse modernization

Accelerate your time-to-consumer insights and solve for today’s CPG analytics by moving from any on-premises or cloud data warehouse to BigQuery.

Customer data platforms

Break down data silos and create a holistic view of the customer to drive marketing and customer service success with a customer data platform powered by Google.

Stream analytics

Ingest, process, and analyze real-time event streams and take action on high-value, perishable insights with Google Cloud’s stream analytics solutions.


Looker offers trusted, real-time insights, combining easy-to-use analytics and data from multiple sources to drive business-wide decisions.

Google Marketing Platform + Google Cloud

Unlock insights, deliver personalized experiences, and predict consumer behavior faster by combining Google Marketing Platform and other data in Google Cloud.

Data lake modernization

Empower your teams to securely and cost-effectively ingest, store, and analyze large volumes of diverse, full-fidelity data and power new connected experiences.

Transform go-to-market in the omnichannel ecosystem

Digital commerce

Quickly launch new consumer experiences and D2C offerings by migrating and modernizing your ecommerce platform into a cloud‐native, containerized architecture. 

Make it easy for consumers to search for products with images. Vision API Product Search uses ML-powered object recognition to share matches from your catalog.

Recommendations AI

Deliver highly personalized product recommendations at scale across channels. Recommendations AI draws on Google's vast experience in delivering recommended content.


Enable everyone in your organization from marketing to manufacturing to create intelligent no-code apps with AppSheet.

Shelf execution

Manage shelf availability and merchandising compliance by housing all shelf data assets in Google Cloud and drive insights across systems.

New business channels using APIs

Drive ecosystem participation and generate new revenue sources by making valuable data and services available as APIs to your partners and developers.

Drive connected, efficient, and sustainable operations

SAP on Google Cloud

Break silos across SAP, marketing, manufacturing systems, and external sources to power next-level intelligent operations with your SAP data on Google Cloud.

Google Workspace

Work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively than ever before with Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Meet to get things done.

Smart factory

Extract manufacturing data and unify it in the cloud to drive analytics and industry 4.0 use cases securely and at scale with Google Cloud edge and IoT solutions.

Hybrid and multicloud platform

Easily modernize your existing applications, build new ones, and run them flexibly and securely with the Anthos hybrid and multicloud platform.

Demand forecasting

Leverage advanced AI to accurately forecast demand, thus minimizing stockouts and reducing excess inventory.

First mile sustainable sourcing

Leverage Google's Earth Engine technology and climate science from partner NGIS to obtain insights and act on sourcing's impact to the environment with TraceMark.

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