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Contract DocAI

Accelerate contract life cycle management by digitizing and extracting highly accurate data from contracts.


Automate contract data capture at scale to improve operational efficiency

Smarter contract processes

Enhance data accuracy via specialized Contract DocAI parsers built on advanced decision tree learning, OCR, and NLP.

Enrich data with Google Knowledge Graph

Access Google Knowledge Graph's growing body of semantic lenses to data, driving a deeper understanding of search topics by providing  accurate information, succinct summaries, and related information.

Integrate human review into ML predictions

Achieve higher accuracy and confidence by leveraging purpose-built tooling for reviewers and managers with the assurance of human review.


DocAI customer stories

DocAI helps customers automate data capture at scale to reduce document processing costs.

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Document AI, powered by Google Cloud’s industry-leading OCR and natural language, reads and understands documents so you can extract value from your document data mine. Contract DocAI is one of our newest solutions and automates contract data capture at scale. We take your unstructured contract documents across a variety of formats and turn them into cleanly structured data. 

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