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Google Cloud Scheduler pricing

This document explains Cloud Scheduler pricing details.

Pricing overview

Cloud Scheduler pricing is based exclusively on the job. A Cloud Scheduler job defines a single activity scheduled to run at a frequency provided in the definition.

The actual running of a job is called an execution. A job is not billed for individual executions. A job is billed $0.10/job/31 days, which is $0.003 per day for each billable job. The billed usage of a job is calculated per day. For instance, if a single job is defined and deleted 10 days later, then that job is billed as $0.1/31 times 10 which is $0.03.

Free usage

Each Google billing account gets 3 jobs per month free. Note that the free tier is measured at the account level not the project level. For example, if your account has 5 projects with 2 jobs each, you will have 3 free jobs and 7 paid jobs.

Pricing table

Job cost Free tier
$0.10 per job per month 3 free jobs per month, per billing account

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