Google Cloud IoT Core is being retired on August 16, 2023. Contact your Google Cloud account team for more information.

API overview

The Cloud IoT Core API has two sets of REST resources: cloudiot and cloudiotdevice.


cloudiot methods facilitate device manager tasks: creating and managing registries and devices, updating device configuration, and getting device state.


cloudiotdevice methods facilitate device communication over the HTTP bridge. Use these methods to get device configuration, publish device telemetry, and set device state.

API documentation

The API reference documentation is organized by resource. Make sure to review the documentation for both sets of resources when building clients and trying out commands.

API version

The current version of the Cloud IoT Core API is v1.

MQTT broker

Cloud IoT Core also runs a managed broker that listens to and This endpoint does not offer a REST API, but it supports standard MQTT operations. For more information, see MQTT server and the MQTT specification.