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High-performance, fully managed file storage.
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    Fully managed network attached storage (NAS) for Compute Engine and GKE instances

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    Predictable price for performance

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    Scales to 100s of TBs for high-performance workloads


Predictable performance

Filestore provides a consistent view of your filesystem data and steady performance over time. With speeds up to 720K IOPS and 2 GB/s, trust your infrastructure to handle your highest performance workloads.

Elasticity to meet big compute needs

With High Scale, meet the needs of your high- performance business. If requirements change, easily grow or shrink your instances via the Google Cloud Console GUI, gcloud command line, or via API-based controls.

Simple to provision, easy to mount

Filestore is a fully managed, NoOps service. Easily mount file shares on Compute Engine VMs. Filestore is also tightly integrated with Google Kubernetes Engine so containers can reference the same shared data.

Key features

Key features

Support your highest performance workloads

Filestore offers low latency for file operations. For workloads that are latency sensitive, like electronic design automation (EDA), media rendering, data analytics, or other metadata intensive applications, Filestore supports capacity up to 100 TB and throughput of 25 GB/s and 720K IOPS, with minimal variability in performance.

Expedite migration of enterprise applications

Many enterprise applications are reliant on file semantics and capabilities. Filestore enables migration to cloud without requiring you to rewrite your most business-critical applications, which accelerates and simplifies your migration. 

Full NFSv3 support

Filestore offers native compatibility with existing enterprise applications and supports any NFSv3-compatible client. Applications gain the benefit of features such as scaleout performance, 100s of TBs of capacity, and file locking, without the need to install or maintain any specialized plugins or client side software.

What’s new

What's new

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Using the Google Cloud Console

Learn how to create, mount, and delete a Filestore instance using the Google Cloud Console.

Using the gcloud command-line tool

Learn how to create, mount, and delete a Filestore instance using the gcloud command-line tool.

Copying data

Use gsutil to copy data between a Filestore instance and a Cloud Storage bucket, or use gcloud to copy data from your environment to a Filestore instance.

Instance tiers

Filestore offers multiple instance tiers to meet different storage and performance needs.

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Application migration

Many on-premises applications require a filesystem interface to data. As these applications continue to migrate to the cloud, Filestore can support a broad range of enterprise applications that need a shared filesystem.

Use case
Media rendering

You can easily mount Filestore file shares on Compute Engine instances, enabling visual effects artists to collaborate on the same file share. As rendering workflows typically run across fleets (“render farms”) of compute machines, all of which mount a shared filesystem, Filestore and Compute Engine can scale to meet your job’s rendering needs.

Use case
Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

EDA is all about data management. It requires the ability to batch workloads across thousands of cores and has large memory needs. Filestore offers the necessary capacity and scale to meet the needs of manufacturing customers doing intensive EDA and also makes sure files are universally accessible.

Use case
Data analytics

Compute complex financial models or analyze environmental data with Filestore. As capacity or performance needs change, easily grow or shrink your instances as needed. As a persistent and shareable storage layer, Filestore enables immediate access to data for high-performance, smart analytics without the need to lose valuable time on loading and off-loading data to clients’ drives.

Use case
Genomics processing

Genome sequencing requires an incredible amount of raw data, on the order of billions of data points per person. This type of analysis requires speed, scalability, and security. Filestore meets the needs of companies and research institutions performing scientific research, while also offering predictable prices for the performance.

Use case
Web content management

Web developers and large hosting providers rely on Filestore to manage and serve web content, including needs such as WordPress hosting.



Filestore offers three performance tiers:

Compare Basic (HDD) Basic (SSD) High Scale (SSD)
Best for General purpose, test/dev High performance, limited capacity Highest performance, large capacities
Capacity 1–63.9 TB 2.5–63.9 TB 10-100 TB 
Max throughput 180 MB/s (10+ TB) 1.2 GB/s 25 GB/s
Max IOPS 5,000 60,000 720,000
Pricing See Filestore pricing for more information See Filestore pricing for more information See Filestore pricing for more information