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High-performance, fully managed file storage.
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  • 99.99% regional availability SLA 


Expedite your migration to cloud

Filestore enables application migration to cloud without requiring you to rewrite or rearchitect, accelerating and simplifying your migration.

Simple to manage

Deploy Filestore instances easily, from the console, gCloud CLI, or using APIs. Spend less time configuring and monitoring your file storage, and more time focused on driving value for your business.

Scale capacity up or down as you need

Pay for what you use, not what you don't. Automatically scale capacity up and down based on the demand of your applications.

Key features

Filestore meets the needs of the most demanding applications

Scales to meet needs of high performance workloads

Filestore offers low latency storage operations for applications. For workloads that are latency sensitive, like high performance computing, data analytics, or other metadata intensive applications, Filestore supports capacity up to 100 TB and throughput of 25 GB/s and 920K IOPS.

99.99% regional availability SLA supports enterprise apps

Filestore Enterprise is built for critical applications (e.g., SAP) requiring regional availability to ensure the applications are unphased in a zonal outage. Avoid the need to rewrite your applications, and jump start your migration to the cloud. 

Protect your data with backups and snapshots

Filestore offers instantaneous backups and snapshots to help you protect your data easily. Back up data and metadata of the file share, set up a regular backup schedule, or take snapshots of your instances anytime you need. When it comes to recovering your data, recover some or all of your data from a prior snapshot recovery point in 10 minutes or less.

Support GKE workloads with Filestore

For apps running in GKE that require file storage, the fully managed NFS solution supports stateful and stateless applications. With an integrated and managed GKE Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver, multiple pods can have shared file system access to the same data. 

Scale GCVE datastore capacity independently from compute

Filestore High Scale and Filestore Enterprise are VMware-certified as an NFS datastores with Google Cloud VMware Engine. Right-size vCPUs and storage capacity independently to meet compute and storage requirements for your storage intensive VMs. Leverage vSAN for low latency VM requirements and scale Filestore from TBs to PBs for the capacity-hungry VMs. 

Our team is looking forward to working with our customers to leverage Filestore Enterprise for their GKE workloads. The 99.99% regional availability is extremely valuable to our customers looking to run mission critical applications in Google Cloud.

Miles Ward, CTO, SADA

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