Cost Management

Tools for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing your costs.

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The path to predictable cloud costs

Google Cloud's cost management tools provide the visibility, accountability, control, and intelligence you need so that you can scale your business in the cloud with confidence. Tailored to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, these tools help reduce complexity and increase the predictability of your cloud costs.

Visibility is power

Gain visibility into your current and forecasted costs, identify cost drivers, and leverage key insights to confidently plan, manage, and optimize your costs with built-in reporting and customizable dashboards.

Drive accountability, spend more responsibly

Promote a culture of accountability for costs across your organization and better understand your return on cloud investments with flexible options for organizing resources and allocating costs to departments and teams.

Take control of your costs

Control your costs and reduce the risk of overspending with strong financial governance policies and permissions that make it easy to control who can do the spending and view costs across your organization.

Intelligent insights for smart spending

Stay smart about your spending with intelligent recommendations tailored to your business that help optimize usage, save time on management, and minimize costs.

Cost Management tools

Reports and dashboards

Get at-a-glance views of your current cost trends and forecasts with intuitive reports in the Cloud Console. Create custom dashboards for your teams with Data Studio.

Resource hierarchy

Structure and organize your resource hierarchy for fine-grained management and cost allocation using organizations, folders, projects, and labels.

Billing access control

Enforce organizational policies with granular permissions at different levels in the resource hierarchy to control who can spend and who has administrative and cost-viewing permissions.

Budgets and alerts

Set budgets to closely monitor your costs and alert stakeholders through email or Cloud Pub/Sub when exceeding defined budget thresholds.

Automated budget actions

Configure automated actions using programmatic budget notifications to throttle resources and cap costs to prevent unexpected activity from affecting your budgeted cloud spend.

Billing export

Export detailed usage and cost data automatically to CSV or JSON files stored in Cloud Storage or export directly to BigQuery so that you can use Data Studio or your preferred analytics tool for further cost analysis.


View intelligent recommendations for optimizing your costs and usage. Easily apply these changes for immediate cost savings and greater efficiency.

Billing APIs

Programmatically access and manage your billing accounts with Billing APIs.


Set quota limits to proactively control your spend rate and prevent unforeseen spikes in usage.

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Cost Management tools are offered at no additional charge for Google Cloud Platform customers. You will be charged only for use of Google Cloud Platform services, such as BigQuery, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Storage. For information on the pricing of Cloud Platform services, see the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator.

Billing support is also offered at no additional charge for Google Cloud Platform customers. Our billing specialists are available 24/7 to respond to questions about your billing accounts, settings, invoices, and payments. Explore billing support resources.

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