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Expose the power in your APIs.

Unlock the potential

Developers hate to waste time. Get your APIs into the hands of your developers quickly and easily. Make your API products accessible and discoverable to app developers from your portal. With our three-step publishing solution, you can include reference documentation, manage the audience for an API on your portal, develop your portal content (author pages in markdown, customize portal themes using standard CSS rules, publish a snapshot), and instantly see your changes in the live portal.

Increase API consumption

Increase your API consumption

Create and publish API products that match the business requirements of your APIs. Extend your reach with product lines tailored to different developer communities with different service levels and access limits. Ultimately speed up development cycles, improve partner onboarding, and expand ecosystem growth.

Manage developer registration

Manage developer registration

Control who has access to your APIs through the app registration process. Use API keys to provide or deny access to your API products by developers. With a self-service portal, app developers can register themselves. Alternatively, you can use the registration API to register developers yourself.

Build developer portals

Build developer portals

Modern IT business demands serving customers on mobile devices and the web, running applications and services in the cloud and on-premises. A new lightweight portal framework lets you instantly provision multiple developer portals, where you can publish everything about your API product easily and efficiently. Give developers access to the systems they need, wherever they are.

Manage content and community

Manage content and community

As an API provider, give your developer community all the support they need to make using your APIs fun, easy, and profitable. Creating valuable content, building a community, and enabling community growth quickly, easily, and reliably is key to adoption and business success. Apigee Edge helps you build and manage content for your community with reference documentation, blogs, forums, and FAQs available out of the box.

Generate revenue from APIs

Generate revenue from APIs

API monetization is a key way to unlock value from your API programs and increase API adoption. Monetization enables API providers to reach beyond current business models, scale API programs, and open new opportunities with customers, developers, and partners. API monetization is an out-of-the-box, flexible, easy-to-use capability of the Apigee API Platform. It’s a turnkey solution for API providers to realize additional value from APIs.

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Create secure API products

Protect your API products with OAuth, API key verification, XML/JSON threat protection, access control, and other configurable policies. With AI and ML you can analyze user behavior patterns in your data to proactively secure your environment. Use out-of-the box API management policies to manage SLAs, control traffic, prevent oversubscription, and implement end-to-end security.

Management policies

As an API provider, you need to measure, analyze, and act on metrics associated with your APIs and your API program. You can measure the adoption and usage of the published APIs across products, developers, apps, channels, and locations. You can also measure the business impact and financial value of your APIs by capturing the transaction or business metrics related to them.

Document your APIs

Apigee Developer Portal lets you create comprehensive API documentation for your APIs. Use SmartDocs to teach your developers about your APIs and speed up onboarding with interactive documentation.

Register developers and apps

You can manually register developers through the Apigee Developer Services portal, or you can automate all aspects of the registration process with the Edge Management API and integrate the registration process into your website.

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