Cloud NAT pricing

Cloud NAT pricing is based on the following usage:

  • An hourly price for the NAT gateway that is based on the number of VM instances that are using the gateway. The per-hour rate is capped at 32 VM instances. Gateways that are serving instances beyond the maximum number are charged at the maximum per-hour rate.

    Google Cloud counts VM instances that get a NAT assignment as using the gateway. The NAT gateway performs source NAT (SNAT) for egress traffic from resources that don't have external IP addresses, and destination NAT (DNAT) for ingress packets that arrive as responses to outbound packets.

  • A per-GiB cost for ingress and egress data that is processed by the gateway. The data processing price is the same across all regions. Egress costs to send traffic from the VM out of the network also apply.

Number of assigned VM instances Price per hour Price per GiB processed, both egress and ingress
Up to 32 VM instances $0.0014 * the number of VM instances that are using the gateway $0.045
More than 32 VM instances $0.044 $0.045

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

The total cost for running a NAT gateway and running traffic through it is as follows:

total cost for running the gateway = hourly cost for the NAT gateway
+ cost per GiB of data that is processed by the gateway
+ egress costs for any traffic leaving the network

Pricing example

The following table shows the estimated monthly cost for a single NAT gateway that is serving a different number of VM instances. For both cases, the gateway runs for 720 hours in a billing cycle.

Usage Estimated bill

14 VM instances

Gateway processes 100 GiB of traffic (egress and ingress)

($0.0014 * 14 instances * 720 hours) +

(100 GiB processed traffic * $0.045) = $18.61

36 VM instances

Gateway processes 200 GiB of traffic (egress and ingress)

($0.044 * 720 hours) +

(200 GiB processed traffic * $0.045) = $40.68

Logging pricing

NAT logging pricing is described in Network Telemetry pricing.

Standard pricing for Cloud Logging, BigQuery, or Pub/Sub apply.

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