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Natural Conversational Experiences

Dialogflow is an end-to-end development suite for building conversational interfaces for websites, mobile applications, popular messaging platforms, and IoT devices. You can use it to build interfaces (e.g., chatbots) that are capable of natural and rich interactions between your users and your business. It is powered by machine learning to recognize the intent and context of what a user says, allowing your conversational interface to provide highly efficient and accurate responses.

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is the enterprise tier of Dialogflow and is part of Google Cloud Platform.

Powered by Google’s Machine Learning

Natural language understanding recognizes a user’s intent and extracts pre-built entities such as time, date, and numbers. You can train your agent to identify custom entity types by providing a small dataset of examples. You can also use 30+ pre-built agents as a template.

Build Quickly with Integrated Code Editor

Dialogflow provides an integrated code editor that allows you to natively build serverless applications linked to your conversational interface through Cloud Functions for Firebase. Or provide your own custom webhook that can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

Cross-Platform and Multi-Language Support

Dialogflow supports 20+ languages and integration with over 14 different platforms. Reach more audiences by building a multilingual agent that works across multiple languages.

Powered by Google Cloud Speech

You can expand your conversational interface to recognize voice interactions with a single API call. Powered by Google Cloud Speech, it supports real-time streaming and synchronous modes.

Built-in Analytics for Better User Experiences

The integrated Analytics dashboard gives you insight into conversational interactions so that you can optimize your bot to better recognize and respond to user intents.

Supported USE CASES

Customer Service

Build conversational interfaces that can perform tasks such as following-up on past orders, scheduling appointments, answering common questions, or assisting a user with simple requests.


Conduct transactions with your users on their preferred platform, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Whether your users want to purchase goods or schedule deliveries, Dialogflow offers a self-service experience for users who want personalized and rich responses.

Enterprise Productivity

Use conversational experiences within your enterprise applications to make it easy for employees to access critical business information and improve productivity (e.g. provide sales with information about local opportunities).

IoT Devices

Make your IoT devices smarter with conversational interfaces. Dialogflow adds a layer of intelligence to your smart devices, enabling them to understand the context of a user’s interactions and respond with precision.

“ Our shopping chatbot was developed using Dialogflow to offer a new type of shopping experience through a messaging interface, and responses are constantly being improved through machine learning. Going forward, we are also looking to expand the functionality to include voice recognition and multiple languages. ”

- Shinya Matsuyama, Director of Global digital commerce Uniqlo

“ Dialogflow is by far the best platform for text-based conversational chatbots. With it, we derive all the benefits of machine learning without restrictions on the frontend. Through our chatbot, we are now closing over 13,000 sales totaling a premium of nearly $2 million (USD) every month and growing at a 30% month-over-month rate. ”

- Ashish Gupta, CTO & CPO Policybazaar.com

Dialogflow Editions

Features Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Text Interaction Free usage and unlimited requests $0.002 per request
Voice Interaction Up to 1,000 per day or a maximum of 15,000 per month Unlimited pay-as-you-go at $0.0065 per request
Default Quota Limits for Voice 3 queries per second 10 queries per second
SLA No Yes
Support Community support and via email Eligible for Cloud Support packages with committed response times for supporting production applications
Terms of Service Dialogflow ToS Google Cloud Platform ToS

*Editions are selected per agent. Single accounts can have multiple agents that are Standard and/or Enterprise.