RealMassive Changes the Commercial Real Estate Market with Google Cloud Platform

New operational models

RealMassive is an Austin, Texas-based startup whose goal is to bring transparency to the commercial real estate industry. They’re making old operational models obsolete by replacing inefficient, quickly outdated spreadsheets and flyers with up-to-the-minute digital listings. RealMassive started in Austin, launched with local data, and later began rolling out across the entire state. They are now rapidly expanding nationwide and expect to have billions of square feet of property listed in a database built on Google Cloud Platform.

Data updated in real time

Much of the commercial real estate industry today is “just amazingly backwards,” says Jason Vertrees, RealMassive chief technology officer (CTO). “Even multi-billion dollar companies don’t know how many square feet they’re managing. They have no insight into the true numbers and needs of very important businesses.” RealMassive aims to change all that. “We needed a cloud-based solution with the ability to update information in real time,” Vertrees says. “Google Cloud Platform has the best overall package.”

RealMassive relies heavily on Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Compute Engine—each a Google Cloud Platform solution. They use other solutions as well, including Google Maps Engine, Google Maps API, and a few others. The company uses the Platinum support package for comprehensive, personal, and customized support, with direct access to the Technical Account Management team. They also rely on Google Apps for Business for communication and collaboration. “And it’s a no-brainer to go with Google, when you’re actually performing searches on the same platform that powers Google search,” adds Joshua McClure, RealMassive founder and chief executive officer (CEO).

Speed and dependability

From mid-October to mid-November 2014, RealMassive expanded their coverage from 80 million square feet of commercial real estate in Austin to over 1.1 billion square feet across selected markets, with plans for significant additional growth by the end of the year. “Without Google Cloud Platform, we wouldn't be able to grow over 1,360 percent in under three months' time," Vertrees says.

"It takes speed and dependability to keep up with the launch team,” McClure adds. Data reliability is very near 100 percent, and the number of Google APIs available for the platform helps speed the company’s entry into new markets.

“Pretty much every time I research a new project, Google already has an API that supports what we need to do,” Vertrees says. “That means a very smart team of people has already thought about what we’re doing here, and has implemented some capabilities.”

‘Clean, simple, understandable’

Once the company is up and running in a new market, RealMassive’s attention shifts to data acquisition. “We have our data sources, and in the morning we can ingest the data into the system,” Vertrees says. “By the afternoon, we can launch a new market.”

With Google Cloud Platform, data acquisition is “clean, simple, and understandable,” McClure adds. “From a tech perspective, it’s awe-inspiring. And from a non-tech perspective, you’re launching in a day. Anybody can understand that it’s a big deal. Otherwise, it’s a logistical nightmare.” Google Cloud Platform also provides the scalability that RealMassive needs as they expand across the country. And they don’t need to invest heavily in creating their own development operations, or DevOps.

The platform to be on

“How does Google Cloud Platform give us an edge over our competitors?” Vertrees asks. “With real-time updates. Our customers make a simple change in one stream on the website, and that information is immediately available. And that information is always accurate and always up to date.”

RealMassive plans to keep working closely with their Google team. “We like a lot of things about the platform,” McClure says. “But really what it comes down to for us is speed to market. There isn’t another platform that would allow us the same level of speed or better. Google Cloud Platform is it. This is the platform you have to be on.”