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Container Registry

Store, manage, and secure your Docker container images. New customers get $300 in free credits to spend on Container Registry.

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More than a private Docker repository

Container Registry is a single place for your team to manage Docker images, perform vulnerability analysis, and decide who can access what with fine-grained access control. Existing CI/CD integrations let you set up fully automated Docker pipelines to get fast feedback.

Secure, private Docker registry

Get access to secure private Docker image storage on Google Cloud Platform in minutes. Maintain control over who can access, view, or download images. Get consistent uptime on an infrastructure protected by Google’s security.

Build and deploy automatically

Automatically build and push images to private registry when you commit code to Cloud Source Repositories, GitHub, or Bitbucket. Easily set up CI/CD pipelines with integration to Cloud Build or deploy directly to Google Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions, or Firebase.

In-depth vulnerability scanning

Detect vulnerabilities in early stages of the software deployment cycle. Make certain your container images are safe to deploy. Constantly refreshed database helps ensure your vulnerability scans are up-to-date with new malware.

Lock down risky images

Use native integration with Binary Authorization to define policies and prevent deployment of images conflicting with the set policies. Trigger automatic lock-down of container images to prohibit risky images from being deployed to Google Kubernetes Engine.

Native Docker support

Define multiple registries based on your needs. Push and pull Docker images to your private Container Registry using the standard Docker command line interface. Use Docker naturally while searching images by name and tags.

Fast, high-availability access

Using our regional private repositories across the world, you can get optimal response time globally. Store images close to your compute instances in Europe, Asia, or US and access Google’s high-performing global network for fast deployment.


Vulnerability scanning

Scan your Docker containers for vulnerabilities. Identify package vulnerabilities in Linux distributions.

Container tags

Add and remove image tags with a simple click in the web UI.

Automated build triggers

Automatically build containers on code or tag changes to a repository. Search across previous builds from the UI or view build details like trigger, source, steps, and logs.


"We've loved using Container Registry since we started with containers and Kubernetes last fall. It's easy to forget how valuable it is, because it just works."

Steve Reed, Principal Software Engineer, zulily

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Extensible architecture for CI/CD

Plug Container Registry Vulnerability Scanning API with your existing tools such as Black Duck, Twistlock, and Aqua, among others, to expand on vulnerabilities detected and possible fixes across the CI/CD pipeline.

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Container Registry only charges for the Cloud Storage and network egress consumed by your Docker images. See the pricing guide for more information.

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