Container Registry

Fast, private Docker image storage on Google Cloud Platform

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Private Docker Container Images

Store your private Docker container images on GCP for fast, scalable retrieval and deployment. Container Registry is a private Docker repository that works with popular continuous delivery systems. It runs on GCP to provide consistent uptime on an infrastructure protected by Google's security. You pay only for storage and internet egress you use, there is no per-image fee.

Fast Upload & Download

Your private images are stored in Cloud Storage and cached in our datacenters, ready to be deployed to Kubernetes Engine clusters or Compute Engine container optimized VMs over GCP's Andromeda based network fabric.

Privacy & Security

The registry service hosts your private images in Cloud Storage under your GCP project. This ensures by default that your private images can only be accessed by members of your project, enabling them to securely push and pull images through the Cloud SDK command line.

Automated Builds

Create build pipelines with Container Builder that automatically build and push container images to Container Registry from your source repository. Builds can be triggered by source code or tag changes in Cloud Source Repositories, GitHub, or Bitbucket. Run unit tests, export artifacts, and more as part of your continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows.

Continuous Delivery Integration

Easy to use with a wide variety of popular continuous delivery systems that streamline your development workflow including Jenkins, Shippable, CodeShip, CircleCI, Wercker,, and Spinnaker.

Container Registry Features

Fast, private Docker image storage on GCP

Kubernetes Engine
Use container images with Kubernetes Engine with no authentication setup.
Advanced Authentication
Easily integrate with your favorite continuous integration, continuous delivery, and container orchestration systems with native Docker Login support.
Container Tags
Add and remove image tags with a simple click in the web UI.
Docker V2 Registry API Support
Push and pull Docker images to your private Container Registry using the V2 API.
Search Images
Quickly search for images by name and tag.
Docker CLI Integration
Pull container images from Container Registry using the standard Docker command line interface.
Regional Repositories
Get the fastest possible pull times by storing your images close to your Compute Engine instances in Europe, Asia, or US regional Cloud Storage buckets.
Automated Build Triggers
Automatically build containers on source code or tag changes to a repository in Cloud Source Repositories, GitHub, or Bitbucket. Search all previous builds from the UI and view a build’s complete details like trigger, source, build steps, and build logs powered by Stackdriver.

“ We've loved using Container Registry since we started with containers
and Kubernetes last fall. It's easy to forget how valuable it is,
because it just works. ”

- Steve Reed Principal Software Engineer at zulily


Container Registry only charges for the Cloud Storage and network egress consumed by your Docker images. See the pricing guide for more information.