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Put AI to work on your hiring needs.

Find the right talent faster

Transform your job search and candidate matching capabilities with Cloud Talent Solution. Designed to support enterprise talent acquisition technology and evolve with your growing needs, this AI solution offers features such as commute search and profile search to provide candidates and employers with an enhanced talent acquisition experience.

Increase quality hires

Instead of relying on simple keyword searches that are often plagued by company jargon, typos, or irrelevant results, Talent Solution uses ML technology to better understand job content and jobseeker intent. Candidates get matched to their ideal jobs faster, and employers attract and convert higher quality candidates.

Decrease time to hire

With ML at its core, Talent Solution can interpret the vagueness of any job description, job search query, or profile search query. Using confidence scoring based on broad categories (construction) and more specific occupation families (carpet installer, floor layer, etc.), the solution helps employers find the right candidates faster — reducing overall time to hire.

Continue to improve matching over time

Grow your capabilities with recruiting services that refine and improve with ML. As Talent Solution learns what job seekers and employers are looking for on your platforms, it passes that knowledge on to you by improving search results and candidate matching algorithms.

Free up product and engineering resources

Whether you have rows of ML experts or are just learning about the technology, we’ll handle the logistics. Rather than having to build and test new features from scratch, Talent Solution provides updates as they’re released, keeping your resources focused elsewhere and lowering your cost to innovate.

We flip a switch and it’s live, and what [our recruiters] see are better results, better matches, and … better quality individuals brought to them as potential candidates.

Jessica Lee, VP Brand Talent, Marriott International

Use cases

Job search as a service

Job boards like CareerBuilder use our job search feature to provide better results to their users and attract better candidates for their clients. With this solution, you can stay focused on what you do best — building great features and winning new business — and leave the search technology to us.

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Talent acquisition

Employers like Johnson & Johnson use our solution through providers like Jibe to enhance how they attract and hire talent. If you’re looking to improve your career site experience and leverage the same search technology that’s used by Google to find qualified talent, consider working with one of our providers to easily access our APIs.

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Candidate sourcing

Recruiters and sourcers at staffing agencies and hiring companies are leveraging our profile search feature to easily identify and re-engage known candidates in their databases. Resurface lost candidates who might be a great fit for another role, and save your recruiters’ time with our profile search feature — now in private beta.

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Talent Solution features

Job search

Transform your job search experience, returning high-quality results to job seekers far beyond the limitations of typical keyword-based methods. Once integrated with your job content, our solution automatically detects and infers various kinds of data, such as related titles, seniority, and industry.

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Commute search

Our commute search feature enables you to provide your users a personalized job search experience by desired commute time and mode of transit. Highlight jobs that fit your users’ commute criteria, creating a better candidate experience from your first touchpoint.

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Profile search beta (private)

Recruiters and sourcers can finally utilize their candidate database to resurface great candidates. With our profile search feature, searching for “front-end engineer” will deliver relevant candidate results with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. No need to use Boolean with a dozen “OR” options.

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Mid America career

Job search for veterans

Our job search service now includes military occupational specialty code translation. Transitioning service members can enter their code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) directly into the search bar of any career site or job board powered by Talent Solution. As a result, they'll see the relevant civilian jobs available at that company or property.

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Talent Solution partners

If you are an enterprise employer, you can request access to Cloud Talent Solution from your current talent acquisition technology vendor or work with one of ours. Please email us at if you would like to be connected to one of our providers.

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Our customers

Johnson & Johnson

See how the Fortune 100 medical manufacturer increased high-quality candidate conversion by 41% for hard-to-fill roles with Jibe.


The global job site saw a 15% lift in CTR for email alerts and a 41% increase in subsequent user actions with Talent Solution.

Cloud Talent Solution pricing

Price per 1,000 queries, by monthly usage

Feature 1–10,000 queries per month 10,001–1 million queries per month 1,000,001–10 million queries per month Greater than 10 million queries per month
Job Search Free $3.00 $1.50 Contact sales


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