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Matching jobs and candidates across locations and languages with Cloud Talent Solution

March 19, 2019
Jennifer Su

Cloud Product Manager

Since launching Cloud Talent Solution last year, we’ve been working closely with employers and job boards to help improve the discoverability of jobs, as well as matching those jobs with the right candidates. Companies around the globe have told us that reaching a larger talent pool is consistently top of mind, and we also hear from job seekers about their unique job search and employment needs.

We’re always working to add new features and functionality to connect employers and job seekers. Last year, we added job search by U.S. military occupational specialty code for Cloud Talent Solution customers in the United States. Veteran job board RecruitMilitary and employers such as Encompass Health are reporting strong engagement on their sites.

To help companies reach even more candidates, we’re adding new functionality to Cloud Talent Solution’s job search API, supporting commute search by walking and cycling and enhancing our job search capabilities in more than 100 languages. We’ll be showcasing these features and more in our Cloud Next ‘19 session on April 11 in San Francisco.

Search by commute now includes walking and cycling

Commute is a top consideration for all workers, so we built a commute search feature that lets our customers provide their users the ability to search for jobs via driving and public transit options. We’re now announcing the addition of walking and cycling to our commute search functionality. This feature enhancement was inspired by research studies with clients and users who have taught us many important nuances. In the United States, for example, cycling is often the only commuting option for those living in low-income communities. Cities across the country have started to prioritize their cyclists with added investments in dedicated bike lanes and multi-use paths. Outside the U.S., in Copenhagen 41% of commuters commute by cycling, and in Barcelona it is very common to walk to work.

Employers such as Cox Enterprises are working with SmashFly and its recruitment platform to offer this commute search functionality to all candidates who visit their career site.


“For more than 120 years, Cox has had a purposeful commitment to its employees and the communities where we live and work,” said Adam Glassman, Senior Manager of Employment Branding. “One of the ways the company lives those values is by building a diverse workforce and by creating an inclusive environment. This includes embracing the unique talents of people with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and needs. We’re happy to be a Google Cloud Talent Solution partner and expect that these enhancements will open up our amazing company to a wider group of candidates, no matter how they chose to commute or what language they use to search.”

Cox’s use of SmashFly helps them find job candidates. “SmashFly was founded to achieve a very simple mission: To fundamentally change how companies connect with talent,” said Thom Kenney, CEO at SmashFly. “We believe that Google Cloud Talent Solution helps us continue that mission, bringing machine learning to job search to truly transform the candidate experience for our clients. Google’s been a fantastic partner and we’re thrilled to continuously add new features, like commute search and military occupational code translation. We look forward to sharing this advanced functionality with more employers and job seekers.”

Job boards are also sharing this functionality with their clients and users. “At College Recruiter, we're very excited about the enhancement to the Cloud Talent Solutions commute search option,” said Steven Rothberg, President and Founder of College Recruiter. “Many of the job seekers who use our site are looking for part-time, seasonal, and internship opportunities while they're in school, and many of them would strongly prefer to work within walking or cycling distance so they can avoid the cost and hassle of driving or using public transportation. Now, they can search for a part-time retail job within a 10-minute walk from their apartment instead of having to weed through dozens or even hundreds of part-time, retail jobs which are listed within their city."

Search in over 100 languages also returns jobs in English

In addition to commute and lifestyle needs, language preference is another personal element of the job search experience. More than 100 languages are spoken at home across the U.S., especially in metropolitan cities such as Chicago, Dallas, and Philadelphia. To help companies reach candidates in whatever language they choose to speak, we’ve improved our support for job searches in more than 100 different languages by returning the relevant job postings that are often written in English. This way, employers and job sites can ensure they aren’t deterring users who prefer to search in a language other than that of the original job posting. Job seekers now can see jobs in the language they searched in, as well as jobs in English. Here’s an example of a search result for “enfermera,” the Spanish word for “nurse,” on Encompass Health’s career site, powered by Jibe and Cloud Talent Solution:


All of these features are available to any of the more than 4,000 sites using Cloud Talent Solution to power their job search.

And if you are an employer or running a job board or staffing agency and want to help more people find the right job opportunities on your site, join us at Cloud Next ‘19 in San Francisco to learn more. We’d love to see you at our session, Inclusive by Design: Engage and Recruit Diverse Talent with AI, on Thursday, April 11. You can also visit our website to get started with Cloud Talent Solution today.

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