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June 28, 2024
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Week of June 24-28

  • Introducing Google Cloud Marketplace Channel Private Offers, enabling customers, ISV partners, and channel partners to efficiently transact private offers via reseller-initiated sales of third-party solutions listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This differentiated program also empowers channel partners to manage the customer relationship from billing, collections to revenue recognition. Read the full blog.
  • A blog on benchmark study (collaborated with Yahoo) by comparing the cost and performance of Apache Flink and Google Cloud Dataflow for two specific streaming data processing use cases. The goal of the study was to determine the most cost-effective platform for these use cases by establishing a fair comparison methodology and controlling variables such as throughput and workload. The results indicate that, with some optimization on Dataflow can perform on-par with Apache Flink. Read the full blog.
  • A Blog on Secure Gateways: Mutual TLS for Ingress Gateway Secure Gateways: Mutual TLS for Ingress Gateway," discusses the implementation of mutual TLS (mTLS) for enhanced security in ingress gateways. It explains how mTLS ensures both client and server authentication through certificates, going beyond the traditional server-only verification. The article explores the setup process and the benefits of using mTLS, emphasizing its role in establishing secure communication channels in modern cloud architectures. Read the full blog.
  • A Blog on Wildcard certificates with Ingress Gateway "Wildcard certificates with Ingress Gateway" provides a guide on how to use wildcard certificates to secure multiple services behind a single Istio Ingress Gateway. This simplifies certificate management and improves the user experience by allowing seamless connections across different services within the same domain. The article demonstrates the configuration process step-by-step and explains how wildcard certificates are matched to incoming requests. Read the full blog

Week of June 17-21

  • Learn how to leverage BigQuery vector search to analyze your logs and asset metadata stored in BigQuery. Using vector search, you can find semantically similar logs which can be helpful in several use cases such as outlier detection, triage and investigation. This how-to blog walks you through the setup from processing logs, generating vector embeddings, to analyzing vector search results. It includes sample SQL queries which can be adapted for your own logs and use case. Read the full blog.
  • Nuvem, first announced last year, is a transatlantic subsea cable system that will connect Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States. We are now working with the Regional Government of Azores to enable extending the system to the Azores as well. Named after the Portuguese word for “cloud,” Nuvem will improve network resiliency across the Atlantic, helping meet growing demand for digital services and further establishing its landing locations as digital hubs.

Week of June 10-14

  • Simplify your Network: The Cloud Networking Product Management and Engineering team will be traveling across US cities in June/July and Sept. Learn how Cross-Cloud Network can transform your infrastructure. The workshop will address Cross-Cloud Networking for hybrid and multicloud enterprises with distributed applications, internet-facing content and applications, security, and AI-assisted network operations with Gemini Cloud Assist. Join us at one of the following Google office locations and meet the experts who will share the latest innovations, use cases, and demos. Register here.
  • Learn how you can leverage the cloud deployment archetypes (zonal, regional, multi-regional, global, hybrid, & multicloud) to architect cloud topologies that meet your workload’s requirements for reliability, cost, performance, & operational simplicity. Read the full blog.

Week of May 20-24

  • Maximize performance and optimize spend with Compute Engine’s latest General Purpose VMs, N4 and C4. N4's flexible configurations and price-performance gains help optimize costs, while C4 provides top-tier performance for demanding applications. With N4 and C4, you get tailored solutions for all your general-purpose workloads, so you can lower the total cost of running your business without compromising on performance or workload-specific requirements. Learn more here.

Week of April 22 - April 26

  • Simplify your connectivity to Google by using a Verified Peering Provider to connect to Google, instead of using Direct Peering. Verified Peering Providers handle all of the complex connectivity allowing you to focus on your core business. Learn more here.

Week of Apr 15- Apr 19

  • New training in AI, data analytics and cybersecurity, designed to expand onramps to tech careers through colleges and employers. Learn more.

Week of Apr 1- Apr 5

Week of Mar 18- Mar 22

  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and NVIDIA NeMo framework are used to train large language models (LLMs). Due to the increasing demand for efficient and scalable training of LLMs, the need for GPUs at a large scale with high speed networking is rapidly growing. GKE offers a comprehensive set of features that make it suitable for enterprise-level training and inference. This blog post shows how generative AI models can be adapted to your use cases by demonstrating how to train models on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) using the NVIDIA NeMo framework.
  • Cloud Run now supports volume mounts! Mount a Cloud Storage bucket or NFS file share as a volume to easily serve static assets, access app configuration data, or access an AI/ML model. Learn more in our blog post.

Week of Mar 11- Mar 15

  • Datastream adds support for SQL Server sources, now in preview. With existing support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle, support for SQL Server sources extends the reach of Datastream and empowers you to replicate data from a range of relational sources to several Google Cloud services, such as BigQuery, Cloud Storage, AlloyDB, and Spanner. Read more in the blog here.

Week of Feb 5- Feb 9

  • Check out this new blog and learn more about the Integrated Commerce Network (ICN) delivered by Kin + Carta and built on Google Cloud. The ICN features 3 of our premier digital commerce partners for an integrated end-to-end solution including Bloomreach, commercetools and Quantum Metric.

Week of Jan 29- Feb 2

Week of Jan 15-19

  • Check out the latest generative AI training available from Google Cloud : Take a look at our top ten trainings in Duet AI to help boost your productivity in 2024.

Week of Jan 1-5

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