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What’s new with Google Cloud - 2022

December 31, 2022
Google Cloud Content & Editorial

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Week of Dec 12 - Dec 16, 2022

Storage Transfer Service now offers Preview support for event-driven transfers - serverless, real-time replication from AWS S3 to Cloud Storage, and between Cloud Storage buckets. With this new capability, you can accelerate your event-driven analytics pipeline, enable automatic replication across Cloud Storage buckets, create a backup copy of data in a different region or project, or perform live migration. Read more here.

Learn about Memorystore for Redis best practices to achieve the optimal performance and availability with your implementation. Prescriptive guidance around monitoring your Memorystore instance is also provided. Read more about these topics here.

Week of Dec 5 - Dec 9, 2022

A Google Cloud first-party supported open-source Kafka Connector for Pub/Sub and Pub/Sub Lite is now generally available. See how it enables an easy drop-in solution for moving data between Kafka clusters and Pub/Sub and Pub/Sub Lite here.

Eventarc support for customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK) is generally available (GA).

Pub/Sub Lite now offers export subscriptions to Pub/Sub. This new subscription type writes Lite messages directly to Pub/Sub - no code development or Dataflow jobs needed. Great for connecting disparate data pipelines and migration from Lite to Pub/Sub. Learn more.

Week of Nov 28 - Dec 2, 2022

Zeotap partnered with Google Cloud to build a next-generation customer data platform with focus on Privacy, Security and Compliance. This blog post describes their journey using Google Data Cloud including BigQuery, BI Engine, Vertex AI to build customized Audience segments at scale. Read more here.

Week of Nov 14 - Nov 18, 2022

Apigee has been named a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for API Management, marking the seventh time in a row we’ve earned this recognition. We remain the top API Management vendor in our Ability to Execute, with a strong product offering, customer experience, and sales execution. Please help us share the good news via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Connected-Stories has built an end-to-end creative management platform on Google Cloud including BigQuery, Vertex AI to develop, serve and optimize interactive video and display Ads that scale across any channel. Read more here.

Week of Nov 7 - Nov 11, 2022

No-cost access to some of our popular training is available on Coursera until December 31,2022. Get hands-on experience to enhance your technical skills in the cloud environment for the most in-demand job roles. Training is available for both technical and non-technical professionals and spans foundational to advanced content. You’ll also earn a shareable certificate. Learn more about this training offer today

Private Marketplace functionality is now available in preview for Google Cloud Marketplace to help organizations scale compliant product discovery. Learn more here.

Week of Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2022

True Fit, a data-driven personalization platform built on Google Data Cloud describe their data journey to unlock Partner growth. True Fit publishes a number of BigQuery dataset for its Retail partners using Analytics Hub. Data sharing using Google Cloud has elevated True Fit’s business using real-world data in real-time. They achieved this in conjunction with the Built with BigQuery program from Cloud Partner Engineering. Read more

Google Cloud Workstations is now in public preview.

IAM Deny, a security guardrail to help Google Cloud customers harden their security posture at scale, is now Generally Available (GA). IAM Deny policies manage access to Google Cloud resources based on principal, resource type, and permissions they're trying to use. It enables administrators to harden their cloud security posture easily and at scale.

Week of Oct 24 - Oct 28, 2022

Google Cloud and Sibros Technology with their award winning Deep Connected Platform is enabling vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to reach the next level in their use of data  to gain valuable insights that should mitigate risks, reduce costs, add innovative products, drive sustainability and introduce value-added use cases services in the automotive industry. Read more.

Data Exploration Workbench in Dataplex is now Generally Available - it offers a Spark-powered serverless data exploration experience with one-click access to Spark SQL scripts and Jupyter notebooks. With the workbench, Data Consumers can spend more time generating insights rather than integrating different tools and platforms. Learn more

Week of Oct 17 - Oct 21, 2022

Google Cloud Spanner launches Lock insights and transaction insights - easily troubleshoot lock contentions using pre-built dashboards. This is the 2nd milestone launch for Spanner insights. Learn more.

Google Cloud Migration Center is now in public preview. Check out our blog for more information. 

Using Envoy to create cross-region replicas for Cloud Memorystore: Learn how you can create multi-regional deployments with Cloud Memorystore by using the Envoy proxy. This blog provides a step by step walkthrough which demonstrates how you can adapt your existing application to serve multiple regions or failover to a secondary region in case of a regional outage. 

Google Cloud Logging’s Log Analytics team is hosting an external webinar to talk about Log Analytics powered by BigQuery and how our top customers have adopted them to save time and cost. Register here

Week of Oct 3 - Oct 7, 2022

Rapid Vulnerability Detection, a zero configuration service in Security Command Center Premium that detects vulnerabilities like exposed admin interfaces, weak credentials, and incomplete software installations, is now available in Public Preview.

When it comes to advanced log analysis using BigQuery, Log Analytics offers a simple, cost-effective and easy-to-operate alternative to managing your own log export to BigQuery. Use this migration guide to help you write or convert your SQL queries and make switching to Log Analytics easy.

Week of Sept 26 - Sept 30, 2022

Google Cloud Logging launches Log Analytics powered by Big Query. The feature allows Log users to use the power of BQ within Cloud Logging to perform Analytics on Logs. You can update your existing Log Buckets to start using Log Analytics. It does not require complex data pipeline configurations to ingest data. Learn more.  

BigQuery ML enables Faraday to make predictions for any US consumer brand . Faraday.ai is a Partner of Google Cloud enabling companies to unlock the patterns hidden in their data using BigQuery ML, such as increasing conversion of leads to subscribe customers via personalization, allowing scoring of leads, spend forecasting and Lon-to-value ratio identification for customers. They achieved this in conjunction with the Built with BigQuery program from Cloud Partner Engineering.

Week of Sept 19 - Sept 23, 2022

Google Cloud Learning launches a new dedicated cloud training program to support 10,000 Ukrainian businesses and IT professionals, starting October 4, 2022. Learn more.

Cloud Load Balancing now supports Cross-Project Service Referencing with Internal HTTP(S) Load Balancing and Regional External HTTP(S) Load Balancing. This new capability allows organizations to configure one central load balancer and route traffic to hundreds of services distributed across multiple different projects. Organizations can thus optimize the number of load balancers needed to deploy your application, and lower manageability, operational costs, and quota requirements. Learn more

Datastream now supports direct replication into BigQuery in public preview. Datastream for BigQuery , leverages the new BigQuery CDC (UPSERT) Write API, making replication from operational database sources such as AlloyDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle, directly into BigQuery seamless. Learn more.

Datastream now supports PostgreSQL as a source in public preview.

Datastream introduces volume-based tiered pricing that makes it more affordable for customers moving larger volumes of data. Volume-based tiered pricing will be applied automatically based on actual usage. And for the next 6 months customers will also receive 1TB/month free backfill. Learn more.

Cloud CDN now supports dynamic compression using Brotli and gzip algorithms, which can reduce data sent over the network by 60-80% for compressible content. Enabling dynamic compression can help you achieve faster page load times, speed up playback speed for video content, and optimize egress costs.  

Google Cloud launches the Fly Cup Challenge, created in partnership with The Drone Racing League (DRL) and taking place at Next ‘22 to usher in the new era of tech-driven sports. Learn more. 

Accelerate migration from self-managed object storage to Google Cloud Storage by using Storage Transfer Service. It’s designed to move 100s of TB data and offers security, simplicity, and scale-out performance out of the box. Read the full blog here

In addition to sync files from Git repositories, Config Sync just brought GitOps to a next level with the support of two new formats: OCI artifacts and Helm charts. Learn more.

Cloud Dataflow - PerfKit Benchmarker (PKB) has expanded support for benchmarking your own Dataflow pipelines. You can now more easily test your Dataflow pipelines for performance optimization, capacity planning, regression testing and TCO estimation. Watch the Beam Summit talk and demo, or read the detailed walkthrough.

Cloud Deploy now supports the ability to verify your deployment. Learn More

Week of Sept 12 - Sept 18, 2022

Pub/Sub monitoring dashboards are now part of the Pub/Sub UI in Google Cloud Console. Pub/Sub users can easily monitor the health of their real-time streaming applications by reading charts of insightful metrics. Customization on these provided charts and dashboard is also supported. Learn more.

Database Migration Service now supports seamless migrations to AlloyDB. With this public preview launch, customers can migrate their most demanding enterprise PostgreSQL databases to AlloyDB in an easy-to-use, secured, and serverless manner.  Read the full blog here.

Google Cloud Deploy now supports application delivery to Cloud Run. Learn More 

Artifact Registry now supports store Kubeflow pipeline templates in a Kubeflow Pipelines repository. Learn more

Google Cloud Deploy has enabled +14 additional regions, bringing Cloud Deploy to regional support parity with Cloud Build. Learn More

Week of Sept 5 - Sept 9, 2022

We held our biggest storage event of the year on Sept 8 where we announced a number of new product innovations including: enhanced optimization and intelligence for Cloud Storage, new Filestore capabilities, the next generation of Persistent Disk called Hyperdisk, and the unveiling of our new Google Cloud Backup and DR service. Watch all the sessions on demand or read the full recap.

Storage Transfer Service now offers Preview support for moving data from S3-compatible storage to Cloud Storage. This feature builds on recent Cloud Storage launches, namely support for Multipart upload and List Object V2, which makes Cloud Storage suitable for running applications written for the S3 API. With this new feature, customers can seamlessly copy data from self-managed object storage to Google Cloud Storage. For customers moving data from AWS S3 to Cloud Storage, this feature provides an option to control network routes to Google Cloud, resulting in considerably lower egress charges. See Transfer from S3-compatible sources for details.

Kubernetes control plane metrics are now Generally Available for Google Kubernetes Engine. You can now configure GKE clusters with control plane version 1.23.6-gke.1500 or later to export to Cloud Monitoring certain metrics emitted by the Kubernetes API server, scheduler, and controller manager. These metrics are stored in Cloud Monitoring in a Prometheus-compatible format. They can be queried by sending either a PromQL or MQL query to the Cloud Monitoring API. They can also be used anywhere within Cloud Monitoring, including in custom dashboards or alerting rules.

Week of Aug 29 - Sept 2, 2022

The network that powers Google Cloud grows with our customers, and we are committed to providing them with the resilience and performance they need and expect. Google is investing alongside regional partners in two additional submarine cables — IAX and MIST — which will support growing demand in the APAC region. We expect these two cables to be ready for service by the end of 2023.

Apigee is introducing a new Pay-as-you-go pricing model to enable customers to unlock Apigee’s API management capabilities with no upfront commitment, control their own costs and pay only for what they are use. This new pricing model is offered as a complement to the existing Subscription plans (or) the ability to evaluate it for free. Learn more  

Week of Aug 22 - Aug 26, 2022

Join us August 30th for the “Power your business with modern cloud apps” webinar to learn strategies to leverage scalable cloud apps on Google Cloud using products like Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, Apigee, and Anthos. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover best practices for:

Why all retailers should consider leveraging Google Cloud Retail Search - Cloud Retail Search, part of Discovery Solutions For Retail portfolio, helps retailers significantly improve the shopping experience on their digital platform with ‘Google-quality’ search. Users now expect the same robust and intuitive search features as are offered by Google.com and other popular web platforms, who seem to have the uncanny ability to intelligently interpret and yield relevant results to complex search queries. Cloud Retail Search offers advanced search capabilities such as better understanding user intent and self-learning ranking models that help retailers unlock the full potential of their online experience. Learn more.

Week of Aug 15 - Aug 19, 2022

Cloud SQL now supports deletion protection for MySQL, Postgres and SQL Server instances. With the deletion protection flag, you can now protect your instance from unintended deletions. The flag is enabled by default in the Cloud Console and when enabled, delete is blocked and the flag has to be disabled before an instance can be deleted. To disable the deletion protection flag, the user must have at least Cloud SQL Editor role.With the deletion protection flag, you now have added protection that will prevent accidental or malicious deletion of databases that can create expensive outages for applications. To learn more about deletion protection refer to Cloud SQL documentation

Google Cloud Deploy the default Skaffold LTS version has been upgraded to 1.39.1 Skaffold Release notes Google Cloud Deploy Skaffold Docs

Week of Aug 8 - Aug 12, 2022

Artifact Registry now supports use of organization policies that can require Customer Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK) protection and can limit which Cloud Key Management System CryptoKeys can be used for CMEK protection. Learn More

Google Cloud Deploy documentation has been re-formatted to make it easier to find information being sought. Docs

Google Cloud Deploy new blog post describing many new features and benefits added over the first half of the year. Blog

Google Cloud Deploy new GUI update that surfaces information related to a target’s execution environment.  Developers can now easily find and confirm where Google Cloud Deploy render and deploy operations take place in addition to worker pool type, execution environment, service account, and artifact storage location. Learn More  

Week of Aug 1 - Aug 5, 2022

Join us August 30th for the “Power your business with modern cloud apps” webinar. We will be sharing best practices and strategies for how to simplify, streamline, and secure your application development using Google Cloud services like GKE, Apigee API, Anthos, and Cloud Run. Register today!

Bigtable-BigQuery federation is now Generally Available. Query Bigtable directly from BigQuery and combine with other data sources for real-time analytical insights. No ETL required. Learn more

Week of July 25 - July 29, 2022

BigLake enables you to maximize the true potential of your data spread across clouds, storage formats, data lakes, and warehouses. It is now Generally available, and you can use it to build multi-cloud data lakes that work across GCP and OSS query engines, in a secure and governed manner. Learn more.

Cloud Healthcare API is now available in 4 additional regions allowing customers to serve their own users faster, more reliably, and securely. The Cloud Healthcare API provides a managed solution for storing and accessing healthcare data in Google Cloud, providing a critical bridge between existing care systems and applications hosted on Google Cloud. Learn More.

Cloud Deploy - You can now view and compare Kubernetes and Skaffold configuration files for releases, using Google Cloud Console. Learn More.

Cloud Deploy now offers an Easy Mode option that creates a skaffold.yalm file automatically from a Kubernetes manifest.  The feature is accessed from the command line by adding --from-k8s-manifest=FROM_K8S_MANIFEST to the gcloud deploy releases create command. The generated skaffold.yaml is suitable for onboarding, learning, and demonstrating Google Cloud Deploy. Learn More 

Cloud Pub/Sub is introducing a new type of subscription called a “BigQuery subscription” that writes directly from Cloud Pub/Sub to BigQuery. You no longer have to write or run your own pipelines for data ingestion from Pub/Sub into BigQuery. This new extract, load, and transform (ELT) path will be able to simplify your event-driven architecture. Learn more.

Week of July 18 - July 22, 2022

Launched three major new Dataflow features to General Availability: Dataflow Go GA, Dataflow Prime GA, and Dataflow ML GA. 

The Data Engineer Spotlight is THIS WEEK! Register today to experience four technical sessions, expert speakers, a q&a session, and tons of on demand content. 

Speed up your workflow executions by running steps concurrently! Workflows now supports parallel steps, which can reduce the overall execution time for workflows that include long-running operations like HTTP requests and callbacks. Our latest codelab shows you how to more quickly process a dataset by parallelizing multiple BigQuery jobs within a workflow. Read more in our blog post.

Google Cloud introduces Batch. Batch is a fully-managed service which helps you run batch jobs easily, reliably, and at scale. Without additional software, Batch dynamically and efficiently manages resource provisioning, scheduling, queuing, and execution, freeing up time for you to focus on analyzing results. It is free, and you only pay for the resources used, but you can further reduce cost with Spot VMs and Custom Machine Types. Read more in the launch blog. 

Run your Arm workloads on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with Tau T2A VMs in preview. Arm nodes come packed with key GKE features, including the ability to run using GKE Autopilot. We’ve also updated many popular Google Cloud developer tools and partnered with leading CI/CD, observability, and security ISVs to simplify running Arm workloads on GKE.

Week of July 11 - July 15, 2022

Cloud Deploy users can now suspend a delivery pipeline.  Suspending a pipeline is useful  for situations when there’s a problem with a release and you want to make sure no further actions occur.  Suspended pipelines also allow teams to pause releases for a defined time period like holidays, busy seasons, etc.   

Cloud Deploy users can now permanently abandon a release .  An abandoned release has the following restrictions - it cannot be promoted, it cannot be rolled back, and it cannot be unabandoned.  Some reasons to abandon a release include a serious bug or bugs in the release, a major security issue in the release, or the release includes a deprecated feature. 

Week of July 4 - July 8, 2022

Blue-green upgrade mechanism for upgrading GKE node pools is now generally available.  With blue-green upgrades, you now have more control over the upgrade process for highly available production workloads.  GKE creates a new set of nodes, moves your workloads and gives you “soak” time before committing the upgrade.  You can also quickly rollback in the event your workloads cannot tolerate the upgrade.

Get a deep dive into managing traffic fluctuations with Google Cloud. European travel group REWE explores the value of Cloud Spanner In mitigating and supporting traffic surges and optimizing the consumer experience during peak travel seasons. 

Differentiation brings great customer experiences. Differentiation achievements help customers select a partner with confidence, knowing that Google Cloud has verified their skills and customer success across our products, horizontal solutions and key industries.

Week of June 27 - July 1, 2022

Launched Query Insights for Cloud Spanner - a new visualization tool for visualizing Query performance metrics and debugging Query Performance issues  in the Cloud console! 

Now in preview, BigQuery BI Engine Preferred Tables. Preferred tables enable BigQuery customers to prioritize specific tables for acceleration by BI Engine to ensure predictable performance and optimized use of resources (blog)

MITRE ATT&CK® mappings for Google Cloud security capabilities through our research partnership with the MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense. Learn more.

Launched a new way of accessing billing information — from the Cloud Console mobile app. Now, with your Android or iOS mobile device, you can access not only your resources (App Engine, Compute, Databases, Storage or IAM), logs, incidents, errors, but also your billing information. With these enhanced billing features, we are making it easier for you to understand your cloud spend. 

Eventarc adds support for Firebase Realtime Database. Now you can create Eventarc triggers to send Firebase Realtime Database events to your favorite destinations that Eventarc supports. 

PostgreSQL interface for Cloud Spanner is generally available. The PostgreSQL interface for Spanner combines the scalability and reliability of Spanner that enterprises trust with the familiarity and portability of PostgreSQL that development teams love. Devops teams that have scaled their databases with brittle sharding or complex replication can now simplify their architecture with Spanner, using the tools and skills they already have. Get started today, for as low as $65 USD/month. Learn more.

Cloud Deploy is now available in 5 additional regions improving performance and flexibility Learn More

Cloud Deploy deployment of containers to Anthos user clusters using Connect gateway is now generally available. Learn more

Time-sharing GPUs on GKE are generally available. Time-sharing allows multiple containers to share a single physical GPU attached to a node. This helps achieve greater cost effectiveness by improving GPU Utilization and workload throughput.

Dual-stack networking is now available (preview) for GKE.  With this feature, you can now allocate dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for Pods and nodes.  For Services, you can allocate single-stack (IPv4 only or IPv6 only) or dual-stack addresses.

View your GKE costs directly in Cloud Billing.  Now in preview, you can view a detailed breakdown of cluster costs directly in the Google Cloud console or the Cloud Billing export to BigQuery.  With this detailed information, you can more easily allocate the costs of your GKE clusters and workloads across different teams.

Week of June 20 - June 24, 2022

Read the latest Cloud Data Hero Story! This edition focuses on Francisco, the founder of Direcly, a Google Cloud partner. Francisco immigrated from Quito, Ecuador and founded his company from the ground up, without any external funding. Now, he’s finding innovative ways to leverage Google Cloud’s products for companies like Royal Caribbean International.

Week of June 13 - June 17, 2022

Launched higher reservation limits for BigQuery BI Engine!  BigQuery BI Engine now supports a default maximum reservation of 250GB per project for all customers. Previously this was at 100GB.  You can still request additional BI Engine reservations for your projects here. This is being rolled out in the Google Cloud Console over the next few days to all customers.  Alternatively, all customers can already use DDL statement as follows 

Don’t miss our first ever Google Cloud Sustainability Summit on June 28, 2022. Learn how business and technology leaders are building for the future, and get insights to help you enact sustainable change within your organization. At this digital event, you’ll have a chance to explore the latest tools and best practices that can help you solve your most complex challenges. And you’ll be among the first to find out about product updates across Google Cloud, Earth Engine, and Google Workspace. Register today for this no-cost, solution-packed event.

On June 14, 2022, we are unveiling the winners of this year’s Google Cloud Customer Awards. We received an unprecedented number of entries and every participant can be proud of what their organization is achieving in the cloud today. The second annual Google Cloud Customer Awards celebrates organizations around the world who have continued to flex and adapt to new demands, while turning new ideas into interesting realities. Check out the results (blog post).

The Cloud Digital Leader track is now part of the Google Cloud career readiness program, available for eligible faculty preparing their students for a cloud-first workforce. Students will build cloud literacy and learn the value of Google Cloud in driving digital transformation while also preparing for the Cloud Digital Leader certification exam. Learn more.

Week of June 6 - June 10, 2022

Artifact Registry - Audit logs for Maven, npm, and Python repositories are now available in Cloud Logging. Documentation

Cloud Deploy New Region - Cloud Deploy is now available in the australia-southeast1 (Syndey) region. Release Notes

Cloud Deploy Terraform provider support. Cloud Deploy declarative resources, Delivery Pipeline and Target, are now available via the Google Cloud Deploy Terraform Provider. Documentation

Anthos on VMware user cluster lifecycle from the Google Cloud Console is in GA now! You will now be able to create, delete, update, and see Anthos on VMware user clusters from the Google Cloud Console. To learn more about the feature, check out  the Anthos documentation.

Granular instance sizing for Cloud Spanner is now generally available. Get started for as low as $40 per month and take advantage of 99.999% availability and scale as needed without downtime. With granular instance sizing, at a much lower cost you can still get all of the Spanner benefits like transparent replication across zones and regions, high-availability, resilience to different types of failures, and the ability to scale up and down as needed without any downtime. Learn more.

Week of May 30 - June 3, 2022

Did you notice the new “Protect” tab in Google Kubernetes Engine? Protect for GKE automatically scans, identifies and suggests fixes for workload configuration risks by comparing your running workload config against industry best practices like the Kubernetes Pod Security Standards. (docs)

Google Cloud just made it easier to compare the cost of modernization options. Want to look at Lift & Shift vs. Containerization options? The latest version of our fit assessment now includes cost guidance. [Release Notes]

Google Cloud makes data warehouse migrations even easier with automated SQL translation as part of the BigQuery Migration Service. (blog post)

Google Cloud simplifies customer verification and benefits processing with Document AI for Identity cards now generally available. Automate identity verification and fraud detection workflows by extracting information from identity cards with a high degree of accuracy. (blog post, landing page

Google Cloud Deploy support for Skaffold version 1.37.1 has been updated to version 1.37.2, which is now the default Skaffold version. (Skaffold Docs)

Week of May 23 - May 27, 2022

Business Messages announces expansion of its partner ecosystem to include Twilio, Genesys, and Avaya - each widely recognized global platforms for customer care and communications. Read how they help businesses implement both AI Bot and Live Agent chat solutions to stay open for conversations and advance customers through the purchase funnel. And be sure to check out the new Business Messages partner directory!

Learn how to set up metrics and alerts to monitor errors in Cloud SQL for SQL Server error log using Google Cloud’s Operation Suite with this blog post

Artifact Registry now supports new repository types. Apt and Yum repositories are now generally available. Release Notes

Artifact Registry now is available in more regions. Artifact Registry is now available in the following regions - europe-west9 (Paris, France), europe-southwest1 (Madrid, Spain), and us-east5 Columbus, United States). Release Notes  

Change streams for Cloud Spanner is now generally available.With change streams, Spanner users are now able to track and stream out changes (inserts, updates, and deletes) from their Cloud Spanner database in near real-time. Learn more. 

Week of May 16 - May 20, 2022

Machine learning is among the most exciting, fastest-moving technology disciplines. Join us June 9th for Google Cloud Applied ML Summit, a digital event that brings together some of the world’s leading ML and data science professionals to explore the latest cutting-edge AI tools for developing, deploying, and managing ML models at scale. 

Join us virtually on June 2nd at the Google Cloud Startup Summit where you’ll hear the latest announcements about how we’re investing in and supporting the startup ecosystem. You'll also learn from technology experts about streamlining your app development and creating better user experiences, and get insights from innovative venture capitalists and founders to help your startup grow. This event is headlined by our keynote with Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and Dapper Labs Co-Founder and CEO Roham Gharegozlou as they discuss the paradigm changes being brought by web3 and how startups can prepare for this shift.

Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus introduced a new high-usage pricing tier to bring more value for Kubernetes users who want to move all of their metrics operations to the service, and dropped the pricing for existing tiers by 25 percent.

Hear from the SRE team at Maisons du Monde detail their journey from building open source Prometheus to deciding that Managed Service for Prometheus was the best fit for their organization.

Google Cloud has launched Autonomic Security Operations (ASO) for the U.S. public sector, a solution to modernize threat management, in line with the objectives of the White House Executive Order 14028 and Office of Management and Budget M-21-31. ASO is a transformational approach to security operations, powered by our Chronicle and Siemplify, to comprehensively detect and respond to cyber telemetry across an agency while meeting the Event Logging Tier requirements of the EO.

Week of May 9 - May 13, 2022

We just published a blog post announcing the latest Google Cloud’s STAC-M3™ benchmark results. Following up on our 2018 STAC-M3 benchmark audit, a redesigned Google Cloud architecture achieved significant improvements: Up to 18x faster, Up to 9x higher throughput, and New record in STAC-M3.ß1.1T.YRHIBID-2.TIME. We also published a whitepaper on how we designed and optimized the cluster for API-driven cloud resources.

Security Command Center (SCC) released new finding types that alert customers when SCC is either misconfigured or configured in a way that prevents it from operating as expected. These findings provide remediation steps to return SCC to an operational state. Learn more and see examples.

Week of May 2 - May 6, 2022

The Google Cloud Future of Data whitepaper explores why the future of data will involve three key themes: unified, flexible, and accessible.

Learn about BigQuery BI Engine and how to analyze large and complex datasets interactively with sub-second query response time and high concurrency. Now generally available.

Announcing the launch of the second series of the Google Cloud Technical Guides for Startups, a video series for technical enablement aimed at helping startups to start, build and grow their businesses.

Solving for food waste with data analytics in Google Cloud. Explore why it is so necessary as a retailer to bring your data to the cloud to apply analytics to minimize food waste.

Mosquitoes get the swat with new Mosquito Forecast built by OFF! Insect Repellents and Google Cloud. Read how SC Johnson built an app that predicts mosquito outbreaks in your area.

As part of Anthos release 1.11, Anthos Clusters on Azure and Anthos Clusters on AWS now support Kubernetes versions 1.22.8-gke.200 and 1.21.11-gke.100. As a preview feature, you can now choose Windows as your node pool image type when you create node pools with Kubernetes version 1.22.8. For more information, check out the Anthos multi cloud website.

Week of April 25 - April 29, 2022

We're excited to announce the general availability of Media CDN — a content and media distribution platform with unparalleled scale.

New Google Cloud research shows shoppers are paying closer attention to the values of consumer goods brands and care more about eco-friendly products.

Meditech’s cloud EHR gives clinicians time back with patients helping them make better decisions and diagnoses.

Cloud is supercharging 5G development, transforming every industry along the way. How 5G and Cloud will change every industry, including yours.

Google’s Area 120 incubator shares 5 lessons on sustaining innovation at scale.

Introducing SWIFT on Google Cloud - modernize your payments by bringing it to the cloud.

Advance your technical skills and boost your career by getting hands-on practice with Google Cloud projects.

Discover how the Google Workspace Administrator role has evolved and why certification training is vital for this in-demand position. 

Week of April 18 - April 22, 2022

Announcing the Climate Innovation Challenge—grants to provide scientists with Google Cloud research credits, so they can better address our urgent climate challenge. Read more.

Our first-ever Google Workspace Summit: Get the latest on the keynote, breakout sessions, and product innovations for our first-ever Google Workspace Summit on May 4, 2022. Here are 9 sessions you don't want to miss.

Climate scientists rely on cloud-based tools like Google Earth Engine to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth's surface. Read how Natural Resources Canada uses Google Earth Engine.

Urban Outfitter’s rental business, Nuuly, shows how being cloud-first also means being sustainability-first, with the agility and insights going green requires. Read how technology is weaving sustainability into the future of retail at Nuuly.

Clean energy projects begin to power Google data centers. Read about investments Google has made toward clean energy projects to power and protect our global data centers are coming online around the world.

The Cloud Engineer Learning Path is an effective way to prepare for the Associate Cloud Engineer certification and launch your new cloud career. Here's how to prepare for Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

Week of April 11 - April 15, 2022

Machine learning company Moloco uses Cloud Bigtable to process 5+ million ad bid requests per second. Learn how Moloco uses Bigtable to keep up in a speedy market and process ad requests at unmatched speed and scale.

Data Cloud Summit ‘22 recap blog on April 12:
Didn’t get a chance to watch the Google Data Cloud Summit this year? Check out our recap to learn the top five takeaways - learn more about product announcements, customer speakers, partners, product demos and check out more resources on your favorite topics.

The new Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification in beta is here. By participating in this beta, you will directly influence and enhance the learning and career path for Cloud Database Engineers globally. Learn more and sign up today

Learn how to use Kubernetes Jobs and cost-optimized Spot VMs to run and manage fault-tolerant AI/ML batch workloads on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Expanding Eventarc presence to 4 new regions — asia-south2, australia-southeast2, northamerica-northeast2, southamerica-west1. You can now create Eventarc resources in 30 regions.

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard speeds scientific research with Cloud SQL. One of our customers, the Broad Institute, shares how they used Cloud SQL to accelerate scientific research. In this customer story, you will learn how the Broad Institute was able to get Google’s database services up and running quickly and lower their operational burden by using Cloud SQL. 

Week of April 4 - April 8, 2022 

Join us at the Google Data Cloud Summit on Wednesday, April 6, at 9 AM PDT.  Learn how Google Cloud technologies across AI, machine learning, analytics, and databases have helped organizations such as Exabeam, Deutsche Bank, and PayPal to break down silos, increase agility, derive more value from data, and innovate faster. Register today for this no cost digital event.

Announcing the first Data Partner Spotlight, on May 11th
We saved you a seat at the table to learn about the Data Cloud Partners in the Google Cloud ecosystem. We will spotlight technology partners, and deep dive into their solutions, so business leaders can make smarter decisions, and solve complex data challenges with Google Cloud. Register today for this digital event

Introducing Vertex AI Model Registry, a central repository to manage and govern the lifecycle of your ML models. Designed to work with any type of model and deployment target, including BigQuery ML, Vertex AI Model Registry makes it easy to manage and deploy models. Learn more about Google’s unified data and AI offering.

Vertex AI Workbench is now GA, bringing together Google Cloud’s data and ML systems into a single interface so that teams have a common toolset across data analytics, data science, and machine learning. With native integrations across BigQuery, Spark, Dataproc, and Dataplex data scientists can build, train and deploy ML models 5X faster than traditional notebooks. Don’t miss this ‘How to’ session from the Data Cloud Summit. 

Week of Mar 28 - April 1, 2022 

Learn how Google Cloud’s network and Network Connectivity Center can transform the private wires used for voice trading.

Anthos bare metal 1.11 minor release is available now. Containerd is the default runtime in Anthos clusters on bare metal in this release.  Examples of the feature enhancements are as below:

Week of Mar 21 - Mar 25, 2022 

Eventarc adds support for Firebase Alerts. Now you can create Eventarc triggers to send Firebase Alerts events to your favorite destinations that Eventarc supports. 

Google Cloud’s Behnaz Kibria reflects on a recent fireside chat that she moderated with Google Cloud’s Phil Moyer and former SEC Commissioner, Troy Paredes at FIA Boca. The discussion focused on the future of markets and policy, the new technologies that are already paving the way for greater speed and transparency, and what it will take to ensure greater resiliency, performance and security over the longer term. Read the blog.

Now you can control how your alerts handle missing data from telemetry data streams using Alert Policies in the Cloud Console or via API. In cloud ecosystems there are millions of data sources, and often, there are pauses or breaks in their telemetry data streams. Configure how this missing data influences your open incidents:

Week of Mar 14 - Mar 18, 2022 

Natural language processing is a critical AI tool for understanding unstructured, often technical healthcare information, like clinical notes and lab reports. See how leading healthcare organizations are exploring NLP to unlock hidden value in their data.

A handheld lab: Read how Cue Health is revolutionizing healthcare diagnostics for COVID-19 and beyond—all from the comfort of home.

Providing reliable technical support for an increasingly distributed, hybrid workforce is becoming all the more crucial, and challenging. Cloud Customer Care has added a range of new offerings and features for businesses of all sizes to help you find the Google Cloud technical support services that are best for your needs and budget.

#GoogleforGames Dev Summit is NOW LIVE.  Watch the keynote followed by over 20 product sessions on-demand to help you build high quality games and reach audiences around the world. Watch → g.co/gamedevsummit

Meeting (and ideally, exceeding) consumer expectations today is often a heavy lift for many companies—especially those running modern apps on legacy, on-premises databases. Read how Google Cloud database services provide you the best options for industry-leading reliability, global scale & open standards, enabling you to make your next big idea a reality. Read this blog.

Week of Mar 7 - Mar 11, 2022 

Learn how Google Cloud Partner Advantage partners help customers solve real-world business challenges in retail and ecommerce through data insights.

On a mission to accelerate the world's adoption of a modern approach to threat management through Autonomic Security Operations, our latest update expands our ASO technology stack with Siemplify, offers a solution to the latest White House Executive Order 14028, introduces a community-based security analytics repository, and announces key R&D initiatives that we’re investing in to bolster threat-informed defenses worldwide. Read more here

Account defender, available today in public preview, is a feature in reCAPTCHA Enterprise that takes behavioral detection a step further. It analyzes the patterns of behavior for an individual account, in addition to the patterns of behavior of all user accounts associated with your website. Read more here.

Maximize your Cloud Spanner savings with new committed use discounts. Get up to 40% discount on Spanner compute capacity by purchasing committed use discounts. Once you make a commitment to spend a certain amount on an hourly basis on Spanner from a billing account, you can get discounts on instances in different instance configurations, regions, and projects associated with that billing account. This flexibility helps you achieve a high utilization rate of your commitment across regions and projects without manual intervention, saving you time and money. Learn more. 

Introducing Community Security Analytics, an open-source repository of queries for self-service security analytics. Get started analyzing your own Google Cloud logs with BigQuery or Chronicle to detect potential threats to your workloads, and to audit usage of your data. Learn more.

In many places across the globe, March is celebrated as Women’s History Month, and March 8th, specifically, marks the day known around the world as International Women’s Day. Google Cloud, in partnership with Women Techmakers, has created an opportunity to bridge the gaps in the credentialing space by offering a certification journey for Ambassadors of the Women Techmakers community. Learn more.

Learn how to accelerate vendor due diligence on Google Cloud by leveraging third party risk management providers.

Hybrid work should not derail DEI efforts. If you’re moving to a hybrid work model, here’s how to make diversity, equity and inclusion central to it.

Learn how Cloud Data Fusion provides scalable data integration pipelines to help consolidate a customer’s SAP and non-SAP datasets within BigQuery.

Hong Kong–based startup TecPal builds and manages smart hardware and software for household appliances all over the world using Google Cloud. Find out how.

Eventarc adds support for Firebase Remote Config and Test Lab in preview. Now you can create Eventarc triggers to send Firebase Remote Config or Firebase Test Lab events to your favorite destinations that Eventarc supports. 

Anthos Service Mesh Dashboard is now available (public preview) on the Anthos clusters on Bare Metal and Anthos clusters on VMware . Customers can now get out-of-the-box telemetry dashboards to see a services-first view of their application on the Cloud Console.

Micro Focus Enterprise Server Google Cloud blueprint performs an automated deployment of Enterprise Server inside a new VPC or existing VPC. Learn more.

Learn how to wire your application logs with more information without adding a single line of code and get more insights with the new version of the Java library.

Pacemaker Alerts in Google Cloud cluster alerting enables the system administrator to be notified about critical events of the enterprise workloads in GCP like the SAP solutions.

Week of Feb 28 - Mar 4, 2022 

Announcing the Data Cloud Summit, April 6th!—Ready to dive deep into data? Join us at the Google Data Cloud Summit on Wednesday, April 6, at 9 AM PDT. This three-hour digital event is packed with content and experiences designed to help you unlock innovation in your organization. Learn how Google Cloud technologies across AI, machine learning, analytics, and databases have helped organizations such as Exabeam, Deutsche Bank, and PayPal to break down silos, increase agility, derive more value from data, and innovate faster. Register today for this no cost digital event.

Read about how Google Cloud addresses concerns about how its customers might be impacted by the invasion of Ukraine. 

Eventarc is now HIPAA compliant— Eventarc is covered under the Google Cloud Business Associate Agreement (BAA), meaning it has achieved HIPAA compliance. Healthcare and life sciences organizations can now use Eventarc to send events that require HIPAA compliance

Eventarc trigger for Workflows is now available in Preview. You can now select Workflows as a destination to events originating from any supported event provider

Error Reporting automatically captures exceptions found in logs ingested by Cloud Logging from the following languages: Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and .NET, aggregates them, and then notifies you of their existence.

Learn more about how USAA partnered with Google Cloud to transform their operations by leveraging AI to drive efficiency in vehicle insurance claims estimation.

Learn how Google Cloud and NetApp’s ability to “burst to cloud”, seamlessly spinning up compute and storage on demand accelerates EDA design testing.

Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables shares his thoughts on the latest security updates from the Google Cybersecurity Action Team. 

Google Cloud Easy as Pie Hackathon, the results are in.

VPC Flow Logs Org Policy Constraints allow users to enforce VPC Flow Logs enablement across their organization, and impose minimum and maximum sampling rates. VPC Flow Logs are used to understand network traffic for troubleshooting, optimization and compliance purposes.

Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus is now Generally Available. Get all of the benefits of open source-compatible monitoring with the ease of use of Google-scale managed services. 

Google Cloud Deploy now supports Anthos clusters bringing opinionated, fully managed continuous delivery for hybrid and multicloud workloads. Cloud Deploy provides integrated best practices, security, and metrics from a centralized control plane.

Learn Google Workspace’s vision for frontline workers and how our Frontline solution innovations can bridge collaboration and productivity across workforce in-office and reAnthos ASM dashboard Anthos clusters on Bare Metal support on the 

Week of Feb 21 - Feb 25, 2022 

Read how Paerpay promotes bigger tabs and faster, more pleasant transactions with Google Cloud  and the Google for Startups Cloud Program.

Learn about the advancements we’ve released for our Google Cloud Marketplace customers and partners in the last few months.

BBVA collaborated with Google Cloud to create one of the most successful Google Cloud training programs for employees to date. Read how they did it.  

Google for Games Developer Summit returns March 15 at 9AM PT!  Learn about our latest games solutions and product innovations. It’s online and open to all. Check out the full agenda g.co/gamedevsummit 

Build a data mesh on Google Cloud with Dataplex (now GA ?). Read how Dataplex enables customers to centrally manage, monitor, and govern distributed data, and makes it securely accessible to a variety of analytics and data science tools here

While understanding what is happening now has great business value, forward-thinking companies like Tyson Foods are taking things a step further, using real-time analytics integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) to answer the question, “what might happen in the future?

Join us for the first Google Cloud Security Talks of 2022, happening on March 9th.  Modernizing SecOps is a top priority for so many organizations. Register to attend and learn how you can enhance your approach to threat detection, investigation and response!

Google Cloud introduces their Data Hero series with a profile on Lynn Langit, a data cloud architect, educator, and developer on GCP.

Building ML solutions? Check out these guidelines for ensuring quality in each process of the MLOps lifecycle.

Eventarc is now Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)-compliant.

Week of Feb 14 - Feb 18, 2022 

The Google Cloud Retail Digital Pulse-Asia Pacific is an ongoing annual assessment carried out in partnership with IDC Retail Insights to understand the maturity of retail digital transformation in the Asia Pacific Region. The study covers 1304 retailers across eight markets & sub-segments to investigate their digital maturity across five dimensions - strategy, people, data , technology and process to arrive at a 4-stage Digital Pulse Index, with 4 being the most mature. It provides great insights in various stages of digital maturity of asian retailers, their drivers for digitisation, challenges, innovation hotspots and the focus areas with respect to use cases and technologies.

Deploying Cloud Memorystore for Redis for any scale: Learn how you can scale Cloud Memorystore for high volume use cases by leveraging client-side sharding. This blog provides a step by step walkthrough which demonstrates how you can adapt your existing application to scale to the highest levels with the help of the Envoy Proxy. Learn more.

Check out how six SAP customers are driving value with BigQuery.

This Black History Month, we're highlighting Black-led startups using Google Cloud to grow their businesses. Check out how DOSS and its co-founder, Bobby Bryant, disrupts the real estate industry with voice search tech and analytics on Google Cloud.

Vimeo leverages managed database services from Google Cloud to serve up billions of views around the world each day. Read how it uses Cloud Spanner to deliver a consistent and reliable experience to its users no matter where they are.

How can serverless best be leveraged? Can cloud credits be maximized? Are all managed services equal? We dive into top questions for startups

Google introduces Sustainability value pillar in GCP Active Assist solution to accelerate our industry leadership in Co2 reduction and environmental protection efforts. Intelligent carbon footprint reduction tool is launched in preview. 

Event Monitoring with Explanations on the Google Cloud. We describe a new production machine learning solution to monitor events in IT and industrial operations and explain their symptoms. This solution is used for a variety of industrial applications including proactively monitoring IT operations infrastructure, monitor events in the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, and predictive monitoring to any IT operations management component such as hyperconverged, Clouds, virtual infrastructure, applications, networks and microservices. Read more.

Traffic Director client authorization for proxyless gRPC services is now generally available. Combine with managed mTLS credentials in GKE to centrally manage access between workloads using Traffic Director. Read more.

Cloud Functions (2nd gen) is now in public preview. The next generation of our Cloud Functions Functions-as-a-Service platform gives you more features, control, performance, scalability and events sources. Learn more

Central States health insurance CIO Pat Moroney shares highs and lows from his career transforming IT. Read more

Week of Feb 7 - Feb 11, 2022 

Now announcing the general availability of the newest instance series in our Compute Optimized family, C2D—powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors. Read how C2D provides larger instance types, and memory per core configurations ideal for customers with performance-intensive workloads. Learn more.

Digital health startup expands its impact on healthcare equity and diversity with Google Cloud Platform and the Google for Startups Accelerator for Black Founders. Rear more.

Storage Transfer Service support for agent pools is now generally available (GA) . You can use agent pools to create isolated groups of agents as a source or sink entity in a transfer job. This enables you to transfer data from multiple data centers and filesystems concurrently, without creating multiple projects for a large transfer spanning multiple filesystems and data centers. This option is available via API, Console, and gcloud transfer CLI

The five trends driving healthcare and life sciences in 2022 will be powered by accessible data, AI, and partnerships.

Learn how COLOPL, Minna Bank and 7-Eleven Japan use Cloud Spanner to solve their scalability, performance and digital transformation challenges.

Week of Jan 31 - Feb 4, 2022 

Google Workspace is making it easy for employees to bring modern collaboration to work, even if their organizations are still using legacy tools. Essentials Starter is a no-cost offer designed to help people bring the apps they know and love to use in their personal lives to their work life. Learn more.

We’re now offering 30 days free access to role-based Google Cloud training with interactive labs and opportunities to earn skill badges to demonstrate your cloud knowledge. Learn more

Security Command Center (SCC) Premium adds support for additional compliance benchmarks, including CIS Google Cloud Computing Foundations 1.2 and OWASP Top 10 2017 & 2021. Learn more about how SCC helps manage and improve your cloud security posture.

Storage Transfer Service now offers Preview support transfers from self-managed object storage systems via user-managed agents. With this new feature, customers can seamlessly copy PBs of data from cloud or on-premise object storage to Google Cloud Storage. Object Storage sources must be compatible with Amazon S3 APIs. For customers migrating from AWS S3 to GCS, this feature gives an option to control network routes to Google Cloud. Fill this signup form to access this STS feature.  

Pub/Sub Lite goes regional. Pub/Sub Lite is a high-volume messaging service with ultra-low cost that now offers regional Lite topics, in addition to existing zonal Lite topics. Unlike zonal topics which are located in a single zone, regional topics are asynchronously replicated across two zones. Multi-zone replication protects from zonal failures in the service. Read about it here.

Week of Jan 24-Jan 28, 2022 

Storage Transfer Service now offers Preview support for moving data between two filesystems and keeping them in sync on a periodic schedule. This launch offers a managed way to migrate from a self-managed filesystem to Filestore. If you have on-premises systems generating massive amounts of data that needs to be processed in Google Cloud, you can now use Storage Transfer Service to accelerate data transfer from an on-prem filesystem to a cloud filesystem. See Transfer data between POSIX file systems for details.

Storage Transfer Service now offers Preview support for preserving POSIX attributes and symlinks when transferring to, from, and between POSIX filesystems. Attributes include the user ID of the owner, the group ID of the owning group, the mode or permissions, the modification time, and the size of the file. See Metadata preservation for details.

Learn how Sabre leveraged a 10-year partnership with Google Cloud to power the travel industry with innovative technology. As Sabre embarked on a cloud transformation, it sought managed database services from Google Cloud that enabled low latency and improved consistency. Sabre discovered how the strengths of both Cloud Spanner and Bigtable supported unique use cases and led to high performance solutions. 

Bigtable Autoscaling is Generally Available (GA): Bigtable Autoscaling automatically adds or removes capacity in response to the changing demand for your applications. With autoscaling, you only pay for what you need and you can spend more time on your business instead of managing infrastructure.  Learn more.

Week of Jan 17-Jan 21, 2022 

Sprinklr and Google Cloud join forces to help enterprises reimagine their customer experience management strategies. Hear more from Nirav Sheth, Nirav Sheth, Director of ISV/Marketplace & Partner Sales.

Firestore Key Visualizer is Generally Available (GA): Firestore Key Visualizer is an interactive, performance monitoring tool that helps customers observe and maximize Firestore’s  performance. Learn more.

Like many organizations, Wayfair faced the challenge of deciding which cloud databases they should migrate to in order to modernize their business and operations. Ultimately, they chose Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner because of the databases’ clear path for shifting workloads as well as the flexibility they both provide. Learn how Wayfair was able to migrate quickly while still being able to serve production traffic at scale. 

Week of Jan 10-Jan 14, 2022 

Start your 2022 New Year’s resolutions by learning at no cost how to use Google Cloud. Read more to find how to take advantage of these training opportunities. 

8 megatrends drive cloud adoption—and improve security for all. Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables explains the eight major megatrends powering cloud adoption, and why they’ll continue to make the cloud more secure than on-prem for the foreseeable future.

Week of Jan 3-Jan 7, 2022 

Google Transfer Appliance announces General Availability of online mode. Customers collecting data at edge locations (e.g. cameras, cars, sensors) can offload to Transfer Appliance and stream that data to a Cloud Storage bucket. Online mode can be toggled to send the data to Cloud Storage over the network, or offline by shipping the appliance. Customers can monitor their online transfers for appliances from Cloud Console.

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