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Google Cloud Career Readiness Program

Coach students through one of three tracks as part of an on-demand learning program. Help your students:

  • Learn cloud computing fundamentals
  • Practice with hands-on labs
  • Gain professional credentials
  • Prepare for a cloud-first workplace

Why facilitate career readiness

As a faculty facilitator, you will guide your students through the on-demand training, hands-on labs, and certification preparation to prepare for in-demand careers in cloud.

Create student impact

People who have completed Google Cloud training and certification report being more confident and equipped for future careers. 86% feel their resume is more attractive and 79% feel more confident in their future careers.1

See success stories

Review stories from students and institutions who have taken part in the Google Cloud career readiness program. You can read some of the success stories and watch a video of Raehan's career readiness journey.

Track details

By helping students complete the career readiness modules within the prescribed timeline, you can inspire the next generation of professionals.

Explore career readiness tracks

Get access to on-demand training modules, professional certificates, self-paced labs and skill badges for your classroom at no charge.

Frequently asked questions

Review the frequently asked questions and answers about the Career Readiness Programs from faculty and students in our help center.