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Google Cloud for Students

Advance your career by learning Google Cloud at your own pace, earning badges and certifications, building projects, and connecting with student communities.

Using Google Cloud, students created an app to help the visually impaired

Build your future with Google Cloud

Learn at your own pace.

Complete the online program on your own terms. Develop real-world skills with under 25 hours of flexible study.

Prepare for in-demand roles.

Cloud roles are among the top 10 most in-demand IT roles. Make your resume competitive with credentials from Google.1

Join a supportive peer community.

Gain access to Developer Student Clubs, attend a hackathon, or attend online events to get hands on experience.

Your journey begins here

Google Cloud offers students access to a tailored learning program that lets them perform hands-on labs, earn badges, and demonstrate skills to employers in high-growth fields.

Step 1: Learn with Qwiklabs

Students can request access to free online labs, quests, and courses through the Qwiklabs platform. Follow a defined plan or build and curate your own path to working and thriving in a cloud-first workplace. 

  • 200 free Qwiklabs credits

  • Credits expire one year after they are issued

Step 2: Earn skill badges

A skill badge is an exclusive digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your proficiency with Google Cloud. Complete a skill badge quest and the accompanying challenge lab final assessment to receive a skill badge you can share with your network.

  • Post a skill badge to LinkedIn

Step 3: Gain a certification

Students who want to position themselves well to secure employment working with Google Cloud can go further by training for one of ten Google Cloud certifications.

  • Foundational, associate or professional certifications

  • Entry in the Google Cloud Certified Directory

Step 4: Explore careers

Professional Cloud Architect was the highest paying certification of 20201 and 20192 at an average salary of over $160,000 per year. 87% of Google Cloud certified individuals are more confident about their cloud skills.3 

  • Share your Google Cloud expertise on your resume and social media

Start learning the skills

Want to start learning with Google Cloud? 

Visit the Hey Student page to get the code you can use to gain free access to the four Qwiklabs quests below.

Quest name & duration


Overview of topics covered in the quest


Requirements before starting the quest

Skill badges

Official Google Cloud skill badge earned upon completion
  • Write commands and use Cloud Shell, create and deploy virtual machines, run containerized applications, and configure network and HTTP load balancers.

  • Some information technology or computing background

  • Some hands-on familiarity with administering computing systems

  • Skill badge earned: Create and Manage Cloud Resources

  • Build and connect storage-centric cloud infrastructure using the basic capabilities of the following technologies: Cloud Storage, Identity and Access Management, Cloud Functions, and Pub/Sub.

  • Skill badge earned: Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks

  • Learn the basic features for machine learning and AI technologies like: BigQuery, Cloud Speech AI, Cloud Natural Language API, Dataproc, and Video Intelligence API.

  • Skill badge earned: Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks

  • Networking is what connects all your resources and services to one another. This quest covers essential Google Cloud networking services and will give you hands-on practice with specialized tools for developing mature networks. 

  • Skill badge earned: Build and Secure Networks

Join a community

Connect with a community of Googlers, student experts, and fellow new Google Cloud learners who can share their experience and insights with you.

Take part in one of over 200 hundred hackathons through our official partners at Major League Hacking.

Attend a hackathon

Join your local Developer Student Club or apply to create a new chapter on your campus.

Join a student club

Attend live and on-demand Google Cloud events through the Cloud on Air events platform.

Attend an event

Watch tutorials to learn about what it means to be a student developer and how to grow the skill set needed to flourish in your future career. 

Watch on YouTube

"When you're trying to build something that helps people, especially those you know personally, it gives you a warm feeling on the inside, as if you just struck gold."

Tejas Shah, Student, Diablo Valley College

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