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Google Cloud Cortex Framework: Connect SAP data via Cloud Data Fusion

March 8, 2022
Benjamin Schuler

Partner Technical Lead for SAP Strategy & Architecture, Google Cloud

Chaitanya (Chai) Pydimukkala

Head of Products, Databases

The speed at which your organization can innovate depends on two major factors: Having access to the right set of tools and services as well as making relevant data sets available to those services. Google Cloud Cortex Framework solves for the first part by providing solution accelerators that can be deployed to address a variety of use cases and industry scenarios, incorporate best practices, and build on Google Cloud’s cumulative experience working with enterprise environments. Cloud Data Fusion can solve for the second part by providing scalable data integration pipelines to help consolidate your organization’s SAP and non-SAP datasets within BigQuery, our scalable cloud data warehouse designed for business agility.

Accelerating your data and analytics strategy

With Google Cloud Cortex Framework, you can take advantage of a rich data foundation of building blocks and templates for SAP environments. This allows you to gain new insights through a scalable data foundation which can combine both SAP and non-SAP data. It comes with pre-defined operational data marts and change data capture processing scripts for BigQuery to take the guesswork out of data modeling and processing. And with machine learning templates you get access to advanced capabilities for common business scenarios such as product recommendations and customer segmentation. To make all of these data assets visible and consumable for the various business users, there are a number of plug-and-play Looker dashboard templates where you can gain fast insights into sales numbers, order volumes, product and customer details, and much more.


There are a number of assets already available today that can get you started on a scalable technology strategy that can support various business scenarios. With upcoming Google Cloud Cortex Framework releases additional solution accelerators will become available to cover even more use cases and deliver improved customer experiences to drive insights to action.

Cloud Data Fusion delivers cloud-native data integration

Cloud Data Fusion is a fully managed, cloud-native data integration and ingestion service that helps developers, data engineers, and business analysts efficiently build and manage ETL/ELT pipelines. It provides a wide variety of plugins to sources and targets on Google Cloud, other clouds, and on-premise. Amongst these are plugins to extract data from SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA systems, which can then be sent to data warehouses like BigQuery.

By using Cloud Data Fusion’s SAP SLT Replication plugin you can integrate your data continuously and in near real-time from SAP ERP to BigQuery by leveraging your existing SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) tooling and skill sets. You can configure and execute data transfers in raw SAP table format to BigQuery, where data can then be consumed by Cortex Framework Data Foundation for SAP predefined data models and content. The SAP SLT replication plugin is well suited to compliment Cortex Framework Data Foundation as it can replicate raw SAP ERP data records in near real-time, while also taking care of change data capture processing, so your integration jobs are only running on the delta records that have been created instead of requiring a bulk transfer once the initial load is completed. By replicating data in this way you can help ensure data is ready to be combined with other data sets more easily, leading to new insight possibilities.

Cloud Data Fusion enables data integration with Google Cloud Cortex Framework

If you are interested in leveraging the predefined operational data models and other solution accelerator content provided by Google Cloud Cortex Framework to kickstart your journey to more innovation and have SAP as a key source of records, using Cloud Data Fusion for data integration will provide the following benefits:

  • Cloud Data Fusion is a complete, visual environment, where users can use the Pipeline Studio to quickly design pipelines that read from SAP ECC or S/4HANA and many other data sources. This means that you can easily join data from SAP and non SAP systems and load it into Google Cloud Cortex Data Foundation where it can be picked up by prebuilt accelerator templates and provide insights in a user-friendly format, eliminating the need for domain-specific expertise around SAP data models.

  • Cloud Data Fusion scales horizontally to execute pipelines, which leads to better performance and scalability. The SAP SLT Replication plugin allows for the SAP SLT system to write data to a Google Cloud storage bucket to keep track of all changes, and Cloud Data Fusion pipelines will handle the steps to move the data into BigQuery where all changes can be merged into the existing data sets.  

  • Cloud Data Fusion provides many plugins to existing enterprise applications and data warehouses beyond SAP. With the growing list of solution accelerators from Google Cloud Cortex Framework, more and more use cases will also lean on data sources from other software vendors, so choosing a data integration platform that can handle a variety of source endpoints will enable your organization to leverage the same tooling regardless of the source systems in your landscape.


With Google Cloud Cortex Framework and Cloud Data Fusion you can leverage a variety of Google Cloud services to gain insights from the data in your SAP systems, using fully managed, cloud-native data integration at scale, pre-defined BigQuery views, and ML templates as well as plug-and-play Looker dashboards for fast insights into common business scenarios.

Visit our Google Cloud Cortex Framework solution page as well as the Google Cloud Data Fusion product page to connect with our solution experts on the latest content and available deployment options.

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