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Vertex AI's product discovery solution

Discovery AI

Organizations now have the ability to provide Google-quality search, browse and recommendations on their own digital properties, helping to increase conversions and reduce search abandonment. 

  • Reduce search abandonment by leveraging Google-quality search capabilities

  • Enhance shopping experience by making it easier to search for products with an image 

  • Improve conversion and order value by personalizing the shopping experience 


Power your ecommerce with Google-quality search

Implement Google-quality experiences that are customizable and built upon Google’s understanding of user intent and context.

Help shoppers search for products with an image

Vision Product Search uses ML-powered object recognition and lookup to provide real-time results of similar, or complementary, items from your product catalog.

Deliver relevant recommendations at scale

Understand nuances behind customer behavior, context, and SKUs in order to drive engagement across channels through relevant recommendations.

Key features

Key features

State-of-the-art AI

Take advantage of Google's expertise in AI that enables advanced query understanding and personalization. This produces better search and browse results as well as recommendations from even the broadest queries. In addition, you can effectively match product attributes with website content for fast, relevant product discovery with semantic search.

Optimized results

Leverage user interaction and ranking models to meet specific business goals. Customize recommendations leveraging page-level optimization, buy-it-again and revenue optimization capabilities to deliver your desired outcome: engagement, revenue, or conversions. Apply business rules to fine-tune what customers see, diversify product displays, and filter by