Vision Product Search pricing is based on daily usage for queries, and monthly usage for image management. Charges are incurred when you query a model, or maintain an image catalog via storage.

Prices are listed in US Dollars (USD).

Supporting an image catalog

Charges are incurred on a monthly basis for image catalog management in the form of image storage.

Storage $0.10 per 1000 images

Querying a model

Charges are incurred for each prediction request to annotate an image. The table below shows the price per 100 queries; the first 100 queries used each day are free. To discuss pricing for over 101 requests per day, Contact Sales.

Feature 0 - 100 units/day 100+ units/day
Querying Free Contact Us

Google Cloud Platform costs

You may be charged for other Google Cloud Platform resources used in your project, such as Google Compute Engine instances, Google Cloud Storage, etc. For full information, consult our Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to determine those separate costs based on current rates.

To view your current billing status in the Cloud Console, including usage and your current bill, see the Billing page. For more details about managing your account, see the Cloud Billing Documentation or Billing and Payments Support.

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