Have you accepted our GDPR-updated Data Processing Amendment for Google Workspace and Data Processing and Security Terms for Google Cloud Platform? If not, read the instructions or watch this video for Google Workspace and read the instructions here for Google Cloud Platform.

GDPR Resource Center

Find the regulatory, compliance, or product information you need to help you accelerate your path to GDPR compliance with Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
Contracts & Terms
Access Google Cloud’s Terms of Service, Data Protection Amendment (DPA) terms, and Model Contract Clauses (MCCs).
Conduct a meaningful risk assessment using Google Cloud’s third-party audits and certifications as they relate to Article 32.
Relevant Products & Services
Explore GCP and Google Workspace product capabilities to help with your GDPR compliance plan.
GCP Security
Get an in-depth look into our commitment to security and the strong security culture that underpins GCP.
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Encryption at Rest
Understand the approach we use to encrypt data at rest in GCP.
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Encryption in Transit
Read about how we encrypt and authenticate data in transit at one or more network layers.
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Application Layer Transport Security
Explore our custom-built solution that authenticates and transports data at scale.
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Google Workspace
Google Cloud Security & Compliance
Read about how we’re constantly working to protect your data. Understand how we process data and how you can meet regulatory requirements.
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Review our approach to encryption and how it protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
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EU International Data Transfer Mechanisms
Get details on how our safeguards address the requirements of EU law on international data transfers.
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Google Workspace Data Protection Implementation Guide
Better understand how to use and customize Google Workspace services and settings to help meet data protection compliance needs.
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Google Workspace for Education data protection implementation guide
Learn how you can use Google Workspace for Education services and settings to help meet data protection compliance needs.
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