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Identity-Aware Proxy

Identity-Aware Proxy

Use identity and context to guard access to your applications and VMs.
  • Control access to your cloud-based and on-premises applications and VMs running on Google Cloud

  • Verify user identity and use context to determine if a user should be granted access

  • Work from untrusted networks without the use of a VPN

  • Implement a zero-trust access model


Simpler for cloud admins

Secure access to apps in less time than it takes to implement a VPN. Let your developers focus on application logic, while IAP takes care of authentication and authorization.

Simpler for remote workers

End users point their web browser to an internet-accessible URL to access IAP-secured applications. No VPN client required.

Increased security

Admins can create and enforce granular access-control policies based on attributes like user identity, device security status, and IP address.

Key features

Key features

Centralized access control

IAP provides a single point of control for managing user access to web applications and cloud resources.

Works with cloud and on-premises apps

IAP can protect access to applications hosted on Google Cloud, other clouds, and on-premises.

Protects apps and VMs

With TCP forwarding, IAP can protect SSH and RDP access to your VMs hosted on Google Cloud. Your VM instances don't even need public IP addresses.



Google Cloud Basics

IAP conceptual overview

Gain an understanding of the key concepts required for deploying and using IAP, including high-level architecture.

Set up IAP with Google Identities

How to quickly deploy an App Engine application and secure it with Identity-Aware Proxy.

Context-aware access

Designing and implementing context-aware access policies.

Enabling IAP for on-premises apps

How to secure an HTTP-based, on-premises app by deploying an IAP connector.

Building internet connectivity for private VMs

See the options for connecting to and from the internet using Compute Engine resources that have private IP addresses.

Security in Google Cloud

Learn about security controls and techniques on Google Cloud through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs.

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Identity-Aware Proxy includes a number of features that can be used to protect access to Google Cloud hosted resources and applications hosted on Google Cloud at no charge. (Networking and compute charges apply for required load balancing. Information about load balancing pricing can be found in the Compute Engine documentation.)

The following capabilities of Identity-Aware Proxy are paid features of BeyondCorp Enterprise: proxy for non-Google Cloud resources; customizing IAP; and use of device attributes in access levels.

Learn more about BeyondCorp Enterprise pricing and features.

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