Advance research at scale

Google Cloud solutions help researchers build knowledge and advance scientific discovery by more easily accessing and analyzing their data and providing platforms for secure collaboration.

Genomic data processing and analytics

Advance medical research by analyzing raw genomic data and translating your discoveries into new protocols for patient care.

How Middlesex Hospital rely on Chrome Enterprise
For Broad Institute, hosting its genomic analysis on Google Cloud meant an upgrade in speed, scalability, and security.
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  • 400% faster analysis of human genomes

  • Analyzes 12 terabytes of data/day (one genome/12 minutes)

  • Scales automatically to process samples on tight deadlines

Analytics and AI for life sciences

Google Cloud can help you modernize your R&D infrastructure and leverage analytics and AI to identify the most promising biological targets and drug opportunities.

Recursion logo
Recursion Pharmaceuticals is creating an AI-enabled human biology map to accelerate research into untreated diseases.
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Story highlights

  • Switched from Amazon cloud storage to Google Cloud

  • Accelerated cellular microscopy image processing

  • Reduced deep-learning model training from hours to minutes

Data warehouse modernization

Seamlessly modernize your cloud-native and on-premises traditional data warehouses with BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless, highly scalable, low-cost enterprise data warehouse.

Terra biomedical research platform

Access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate in Terra, a scalable platform for biomedical research developed by the Broad Institute and Verily.

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Story highlights

  • A workspace with best-practices workflows for processing and analyzing viral genomic data

  • Analyze the publicly available data and any data you generate in the workspace

  • Workspace is continually updated as more data and tools become available.


Access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate in Terra, a scalable platform for biomedical research.

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