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Google Cloud support

Customers can submit a support case in console. To become a customer or add services to your Google Cloud account, contact sales.

Frequently asked support questions

Closing an active Cloud Billing account stops all billable services. To close a Cloud Billing account, follow the steps in Close a Cloud Billing account. After you close your Cloud Billing account, you will be billed for the usage you accrued prior to cancelling your service. This bill will be the last bill you receive, unless you reopen the Cloud Billing account.

Basic Support is included for all Google Cloud customers. With Basic Support, you have access to our documentation, community support, and support for Cloud Billing issues. To get 1-on-1 technical support for your organization, you can upgrade to one of our Customer Care support services.

Get support for personal use products like Gmail, Google Photos, YouTube, and Voice by visiting Google's Help Center