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Google Cloud Cortex Framework

Accelerate business insights and outcomes with less risk, complexity, and cost with reference architecture patterns, packaged solution deployment content, and integration services to kickstart your data cloud journey.  


Everything you need to rapidly design, build, and deploy analytics solutions

Connect data with less risk, complexity, and costs

Reduce the time, effort, and cost of implementations and achieve desired business outcomes rapidly with proven deployment templates and reference patterns.

Accelerate business insights and outcomes

Kickstart insights and business value with easy-to-leverage, scenario-driven packaged analytics solution content including data models and sample dashboards.

Innovate for new business opportunity

Leverage a technology foundation that scales above and beyond an individual use case with cloud-first tools and advanced machine learning capabilities.

Key features

Accelerate with analytics building blocks

Cortex Framework provides a foundation and rich set of building blocks and templates for enterprises looking to modernize with our Data Cloud

Cortex Framework reference architecture

Understand the key components of the Cortex Framework solution offering. 

Cortex Framework Reference Architecture

Open data integration

Easily connect data from various sources (private, public, commercial) to enable a complete view of your business within BigQuery. Use Google or partner solutions to integrate with Cortex Data Foundation content, giving you flexibility and choice. Avoid lock-in and get started quickly with a suite of proven integration options.

Cortex Data Foundation

Kickstart insights with reference architectures and packaged content for common business scenarios. Includes predefined BigQuery models for private (for example, SAP and Salesforce), public (for example, trends) and commercial (for example, Analytics Hub) data, data processing templates, example ML code with Vertex AI, sample dashboards with Looker, and curated data for quick start discovery.

Cortex analytical accelerators and templates

Extend the value of Cortex Data Foundation and drive competitive advantage with Google and partner solution accelerator content across sales and marketing, finance, supply chain, and other use cases. Combine insights with machine learning to unlock new value. For example, extend the value of demand planning with Cortex Demand Sensing to better sense, predict, and respond to demand.

Cortex Application Layer

Securely expose and consume Cortex Data Foundation results leveraging microservices based templates and recipes for application modernization and integration. Allow external applications to consume results through scalable APIs and Pub/Sub messages. Enhance functionality through applications and interfaces for low-code solutions. Explore Cortex Application Layer examples today. 


Explore documentation for Google Cloud Cortex Framework solutions

Cortex Data Foundation

Get hands-on and deploy Cortex Data Foundation content quickly leveraging our open source GitHub repository.

Cortex Looker samples for SAP

Deploy sample analytics dashboards on top of Cortex Data Foundation for common operational use cases like order to cash and procure to pay.

Cortex Looker samples for Salesforce

Deploy sample analytics dashboards on top of Cortex Data Foundation for insights across leads, opportunities, sales activities, cases, and more.

Cortex Demand Sensing

Deploy advanced analytics content on top of Cortex Data Foundation that connects datasets and applies machine learning to drive new predictive insights for demand.

Cortex Application Layer

Connect insights and build scalable, secure APIs and microservices faster with sample code for interoperability with Cortex Data Foundation and other platforms.

Best Practice
Design considerations for SAP data modeling in BigQuery

Understand general performance and modeling best practices for SAP data in BigQuery.

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