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Make data your competitive edge with new solutions from Cortex Framework

April 22, 2024
Alison Hettrick

Director of Solutions & Engineering, Google Cloud Cortex Framework

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In today’s AI era, data is your competitive edge.

There has never been a more exciting time in technology, with AI creating entirely new ways to solve problems, engage customers, and work more efficiently. 

However, most enterprises still struggle with siloed data, which stifles innovation, keeps vital insights locked away, and can reduce the value AI has across the business. 

Discover a faster, smarter way to innovate

Google Cloud Cortex Framework accelerates your ability to unify enterprise data for connected insights, and provides new opportunities for AI to transform customer experiences, boost revenue, and reduce costs which can otherwise be hidden in your company’s data and applications. 

Built on an AI-ready Data Cloud foundation, Cortex Framework includes what you need to design, build, and deploy solutions for specific business problems and opportunities including endorsed reference architectures and packaged business solution deployment content. In this blog, we provide an overview of Cortex Framework, and highlight some recent enhancements.


Get a connected view of your business with one data foundation 

Cortex Framework enables one data foundation for businesses by bridging and enriching private, public, and community insights for deeper analysis.

Our latest release extends Cortex Data Foundation with new data and AI solutions for enterprise data sources including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Meta, SAP ERP, and Dun & Bradstreet. Together this data unlocks insights across the enterprise and opens up opportunities for optimization and innovation. 

New intelligent marketing use cases

Drive more intelligent marketing strategies with one data foundation for your enterprise data, including integrated sources like Google Ads, Campaign Manager 360, TikTok and now — Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Meta connectivity with BigQuery via Cortex Framework, with predefined data ingestion templates, data models and sample dashboards. Together with other business data available like sales and supply chain sources in Cortex Data Foundation, you can accelerate insights and answer questions like: How does my overall campaign and audience performance relate to sales and supply chain?


New sustainability management use cases

Want more timely insights into environment, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities? You can now manage ESG performance and goals with new vendor ESG performance insights using Dun & Bradstreet ESG ranking data connected with your SAP ERP supplier data. Now with predefined data ingestion templates, data models and a sample dashboard focused on sustainability insights, for informed decision making. Answer questions like: “What is my raw material suppliers' ESG performance against industry peers?” “What is their ability to measure and manage GHG emissions?” and “What is their adherence and commitment to environmental compliance and corporate governance?”


New simplified finance use cases

Simplify financial insights across the business to make informed decisions about liquidity, solvency, and financial flexibility to feed into strategic growth investment opportunities — now with predefined data ingestion templates, data models and sample dashboards to help you discern new insights with balance sheet and income statement reporting on SAP ERP data.


Accelerate AI innovation with secured data access

To help organizations build out a data mesh for more optimized data discovery, access control and governance when interacting with Cortex Data Foundation, our new solution content offers a metadata framework built on BigQuery and Dataplex that:

  1. Organizes Cortex Data Foundation pre-defined data models into business domains

  2. Augments Cortex Data Foundation tables, views and columns with semantic context to empower search and discovery of data assets

  3. Enables natural language to SQL capabilities by providing logical context for Cortex Data Foundation content to LLMs and gen AI applications

  4. Annotates data access policies to enable consistent enforcement of access controls and masking of sensitive columns

With a data mesh in place, Cortex Data Foundation models can allow for more efficiency in generative AI search and discovery, as well as fine-grained access policies and governance. 

Data and AI brings next-level innovation and efficiency 

Will your business lead the way? Learn more about our portfolio of solutions by checking out our website.

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