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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery are vital components in your business continuity plan. At Google Cloud, we are committed to providing suitable solutions that meet your business needs.


Deliver backup and recovery for on-premises and cloud workloads

Provide recovery times aligned to your business

Ensure RPO and RTO objectives are met for backup and recovery times.

Efficient, application-aware backups

Use Cloud Storage for backup to reduce your data center backup footprint.

Reuse cloud backups

Use backups for ransomware recovery, test/dev clones, and analytics.

Key features

Google Cloud provides data protection offerings aligned to your business needs

Actifio GO

Actifio GO is a Google backup and disaster recovery SaaS offering which provides centralized, application-consistent protection for environments and applications running on-premises and on Google Cloud, including protection for virtualized environments (e.g. on-premises VMware, Compute Engine, Google Cloud VMware Engine) and databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP HANA.

Partner solutions

A broad ecosystem of ISV and system integration (SI) partners provide backup and disaster recovery offerings on, and/or integrated with, Google Cloud. This provides Google Cloud customers with freedom of choice and facilitates frictionless use of preferred third-party products and services.

Service-level features

Google Cloud products and services offer a broad range of data protection features such as Backup for GKE, Persistent Disk snapshots, Cloud SQL backups, Filestore backups, and geo-redundant Cloud Storage. Customers and ISVs can use these features to design and implement robust protection strategies.

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