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Active Assist

Active Assist is a portfolio of intelligent tools that helps you optimize your cloud operations with recommendations to reduce costs, increase performance, improve security, and even help you make more sustainable decisions.

Active Assist value categories and benefits

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Value Category how this benefits your cloud Sample Solutions to get started
Manage your cost wisely

Help you manage your cost wisely, such as recommending to delete unused or idle resources, downsizing VMs to fit your workload needs, or using committed use discounts to save money.

Mitigate your security risks proactively

Harden your security posture by applying recommended actions to reduce over-granted permissions, enable additional security features, and help with compliance and security incident investigations.

Maximize performance of your system

Improve the performance of your cloud resources and workloads through prediction and automation that take your infrastructure one step ahead of what your applications need next.

Deliver highly available services to your end users

Increase the availability and reliability of your cloud resources and your workloads running on Google Cloud via various health checks, auto-scaling capabilities, and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options.

Spend less time managing your cloud configuration

Enhance your management experience on Google Cloud via simplification and automation so that you spend less time managing your cloud configuration and spend more time on innovating your digital businesses and delighting your customers.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your workloads

Offer you the insights and simple-to-use tools to allow you assess, manage, and reduce the carbon footprint of your workloads running on Google Cloud.

Value Category

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Explore how Active Assist can help you proactively reduce costs, tighten security, and optimize resources. 
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