SAP and Google Cloud

Get the enterprise expertise of SAP, backed by the intelligence and innovation of Google Cloud.

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Intelligent, flexible, trusted.

Our partnership with SAP gives customers the best of both our worlds — unmatched business expertise, industry-leading cloud infrastructure, and machine learning innovations.

Certified infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform is certified to run SAP solutions reliably and optimally, delivering maximum performance and dependability.

  • SAP Hybris
  • SAP Business Suite
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP Business Warehouse

Benefits of running SAP on Google Cloud

Intelligent analytics

Create new business models and form deeper customer connections by integrating and getting more of Google Cloud’s machine learning and data analytics solutions.

Flexible technology and tools

Create a more dynamic, nimble business at your own pace and scale with migration support, flexible services, and simple pricing.

Security at every level

Operate your business with the confidence knowing your SAP data is protected by a strictly controlled, secure cloud that’s trusted by billions of users.

Seamless integrations

Easily and securely export SAP data directly to Sheets. Find out more.

Scale on demand

Easily develop, test, and scale cloud solutions with intuitive, user-friendly tools and APIs.

Transparency and control

SAP Data Custodian enables you to configure data policies, control access, and manage compliance on GCP.

SAP solutions supported on Google Cloud

SAP Solution Supported Database Options Supported Operating Systems Production Certified VM Shapes for Application
SAP NetWeaver AS, ABAP/Java SAP S/4HANA SAP BW/4HANA SAP ECC SAP Business Suite SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) SAP Solution Manager SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite SAP HANA SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) IBM Db2 Microsoft SQL Server SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (11, 12) Red Hat Enterprise Linux (6, 7) Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and above n1-standard-8 (8 vCPU, 30 GB) n1-standard-16 (16 vCPU, 60 GB) n1-standard-32 (32 vCPU, 120 GB) n1-standard-64 (64 vCPU, 240 GB) n1-highmem-2 (2 vCPU, 13 GB) n1-highmem-4 (4 vCPU, 26 GB) n1-highmem-8 (8 vCPU, 52 GB) n1-highmem-16 (16 vCPU, 104 GB) n1-highmem-32 (32 vCPU, 208 GB) n1-highmem-64 (64 vCPU, 416 GB)
SAP Business One SAP HANA
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Windows Server
SAP Hybris SAP HANA Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Linux Microsoft Windows Server Any Google Compute Engine instance that satisfies SAP Hybris minimum requirements
SAP Solution Database Configuration Operating System Production Certified VM Shapes for SAP HANA
SAP HANA Single-node scale up, up to 16 nodes in scale out n1-ultramem-160 in scale up only SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (12 SP1, SP2, & SP3) Red Hat Enterprise Linux (7.3, 7.4) n1-highmem-32 (32 vCPU, 208 GB) n1-highmem-64 (64 vCPU, 416 GB) n1-highmem-96 (96 vCPU, 624 GB) n1-megamem-96 (96 vCPU, 1433 GB) n1-ultramem-160 (160 vCPU, 3844 GB) Custom Machine Types (32-64 vCPU, 208-416 GB on Intel Broadwell. Requires 6.5 GB of memory per vCPU)
Operate All SAP software on the GCP on a BYOL model. Google Cloud does not re-sell SAP licenses. Specific machine type availability by regions can be found here. Google Cloud does not provide managed services for SAP workloads on GCP, and managed services can be contracted through the ecosystem of services partners.

Google Cloud Platform and SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA will help us reduce our maintenance costs and improve our flexibility.

Augusto de Castro, Director of Human Resources, Organization, and IT, FNM Group


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