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Generative AI on Google Cloud

Deliver generative AI powered experiences quickly, efficiently, and responsibly, powered by Google’s most advanced technology. Plus, new customers can start their AI journey today with $300 in free credits.
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A 30-day step-by-step guide to getting started

Kickstart your AI journey with our 10-step plan

Not sure where to start with generative AI? See what your industry peers are doing and use our 10-step, 30-day plan to hit the ground running with your first use case.

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Bring generative AI to real-world experiences

Explore tools from Google Cloud that make it easier for developers to build with generative AI and new AI powered experiences across our cloud portfolio. 

Personalized generative AI recommendations for your business and industry

Use our Gen AI Navigator to assess your organization's fastest path to adopting and benefiting from generative AI.
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Work with our experts to get started in generative AI

Create with Generative AI

Transform your creative process. Boost productivity by automatically generating writing and art. 

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Discover with Generative AI

Build AI-enhanced search engines or assistive experiences to enhance your customer experience.

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Summarize with Generative AI

Take long-form chats, emails, or reports and distill them to their core for quick comprehension.

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Automate with Generative AI

Transform from time-consuming, expensive processes to efficient ones.

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"We believe GenAI can be a tremendously powerful tool that changes how people go about analyzing information and insights at work. Our collaboration with Google Cloud will help employees and leaders make better decisions, have more productive conversations, and anticipate how today's choices can impact tomorrow's operations and workplace culture overall."

Hugo Sarrazin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at UKG

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