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Media CDN

A planet-scale content delivery network. Stream media and deliver exceptional experiences to your users, no matter where they are.

  • Leverage Google’s decade of experience powering world-class streaming media

  • Serve content closer to your users with Google’s massive network footprint

  • Automate all facets of deployment and management


Deep reach with Google’s massive network

Media CDN has presence in over 200 countries and territories and 1,300 cities around the world. It enables higher bit rates, reduces rebuffers, and results in a superior end-user experience.

Automation with API-first approach

All aspects of Media CDN are built to be configured and managed with APIs. First-party support for Terraform and a focus on infrastructure as code (IaC) significantly simplify workflows.

Real-time visibility

Ensure the highest quality of experience for your subscribers with real-time logging and metrics. Report and react in real time to any issues while they happen, not hours later.

Key features

Performance, automation, and visibility

Origin support

Pull content from any HTTP-capable origin, including Compute EngineCloud Storage, and Google Kubernetes Engine backends and origins outside of Google Cloud, such as storage buckets in other clouds.


Media CDN provides a deeply tiered edge infrastructure that is designed to actively minimize cache fill wherever possible.

Modern protocol support

Media CDN supports protocols such as QUIC, TLS 1.3.

Advanced routing

Media CDN provides advanced HTTP routing capabilities that allow you to map traffic to specific edge configurations and origins at a fine-grained level.

Network Actions

Fully managed serverless solution based on open source web assembly that enables programmability for advanced customization. Network Actions allows customers to deploy code directly in the request/response path at the edge. Supports custom use cases such as security controls, cache offload, custom logs, and more.

u-next company logo

"Our mission at U-NEXT is to deliver the highest quality and most entertaining content to our users. Google Cloud’s Media CDN helps us efficiently scale our infrastructure, which is challenging with a vast library of content. Media CDN offloaded 98.3% of requests from our origin server while delivering consistent great quality."

Rutong Li, Chief Technology Officer, U-NEXT

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Find resources and documentation for Media CDN

How to set up Media CDN

Learn how to set up Media CDN in front of a storage bucket in this guide.

Protect content with signed requests

Media CDN supports signed cookies and signed URLs for content authentication.

Use Google Cloud Armor to enforce geographic restrictions

Use Google Cloud Armor to provide support for IP address allow and deny lists, as well as geographic-based filtering controls.

Understand origin shielding

Media CDN provides a deeply tiered edge infrastructure that is designed to actively minimize cache fill wherever possible.

Learn about caching with Media CDN

Media CDN is designed to serve content as close to users as possible. Learn all about how content is cached.


Media CDN pricing

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